June 4, 2023
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Tesla’s second-hand price plummeted, losing a new domestic car in half a year | TechNews Tech News

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In addition to Tesla’s powerful performance and many smart functions, its value preservation is also the reason why many people buy it. However, with the price reduction in the past two months, the price drop of second-hand Teslas has also been quite astonishing. , The price difference within half a year is almost equal to a new domestic car.

It is a very natural market phenomenon that the price of new cars will be lowered, which will affect the market of second-hand cars. However, Tesla’s rapid price adjustment has created a peculiar market phenomenon.

According to data from CarGurus, a used car sales website, compared with July 2022, the average price of a used Tesla fell sharply from $67,915 to $49,967, a downward revision of $18,000, a drop of 26%. Compared with the Taiwan market, the price of a new domestically-produced car that is the most affordable is about NT$600,000. That is to say, people who wanted to sell their car last year but failed to sell it now are equivalent to earning less money by selling a new car.

Among second-hand Teslas, the average price of Model 3 is only $40,386, Model Y is $54,930, Model X is the most expensive at $71,779, and the old Model S is the worst, with an average price of $53,304, which is lower than Model Y. Cheap.

Such a price change is a situation that no one is happy to see. The reason is that Tesla will continue to increase the price due to supply chain problems starting in 2022. After several price increases, the second-hand price even exceeded the original purchase price. The return on investment is astonishing, only slightly inferior to the Toyota bZ4X.

However, after the continuous increase, Tesla made a big turnaround at the end of the year, and the price plummeted. Naturally, the second-hand price also plummeted, making car owners very unhappy. Tesla has taught us a lesson in economics with actions, perfectly explaining why cars are getting more expensive as they sell, because this is an option that everyone is happy with. Car dealers’ big price cuts will actually offend old car owners. I am afraid that there are only Tesla dares to play like this.

Although Tesla’s used car prices in the U.S. market have dropped astonishingly, the Taiwan market is still hot for others. After all, the price of new cars has not been adjusted, and second-hand prices have naturally not changed.

(First image source: Tesla)

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