March 30, 2023
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Tesla Model Y becomes Europe’s best-selling car again, German factory strives to increase production – Hong Kong

The popularity of electric vehicles in Europe is growing rapidly, and Tesla, which is very popular in the electric vehicle industry, has also achieved good results. Model Y successfully topped the best-selling list in November.

According to the latest figures, the Tesla Model Y once again became the best-selling car model in Europe in November after September, which includes traditional fuel vehicles and electric vehicles. The Model Y sold 19,144 units during this period, an increase of 260% over the same period last year. Model Y is also the only electric car in the November rankings, followed by Dacia Sandero in second place and Toyota Yaris in third place.

Tesla’s sales in Europe have been quite good. This year, Tesla Model 3 was on the sidelines in March, and Model Y was on board twice. It shows that in the European electric vehicle market, traditional car manufacturers are still not Tesla’s opponents for the time being. The Tesla factory in Germany has also been increasing production to meet demand, and successfully delivered 10,819 vehicles in November, an increase of 93% from the same period last year.

source:Inside EVs

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