March 29, 2023
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Tesla converted into gasoline car to travel 3000 kilometers without charging

At present, electric vehicles are the general trend, but the charging environment for electric vehicles is not perfect. Recently, a foreign YouTuber modified the Tesla Model S, hoping to make the electric car without charging during road trips.

In the video, YouTube channel Warped Perception shows the generator connected to the controller, the generator also charges the battery, and the generator fuel system is stored in the Tesla’s trunk in the form of a fuel cell, with the goal of transforming the “modified” Cordless Tesla,” with the goal of driving more than 1,600 miles without plugging in a charger.

While the Warped Perception was able to drive more than 1,600 miles without a charger plugged in, it went out because the generator wasn’t enough to keep up with the car’s consumption, and the vehicle needed fuel during the drive test, more than a car with a regular four-cylinder engine. worse.

In the film, the Warped Perception has to travel at about 72 kilometers per hour to keep enough energy in the car. When the power drops, he stops for 15 minutes to charge the car before continuing. In the end, the Warped Perception 1842 miles (about 2964 kilometers) to complete the test. In addition, the modified power unit of the vehicle makes a loud noise, and the noise does not improve even if the muffler is installed.

source:Warped Perception YouTube Channel,jalopnik Mewe pages:

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