May 28, 2023
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Technology Enthusiast Weekly (No. 232): Easy-to-Use Graphic Design Software – Ruan Yifeng’s Weblog

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A British fishing enthusiast caught the world’s largest goldfish in France, weighing 30 kilograms, and has lived for 20 years. After taking the pictures, he released the goldfish. (via

This week’s topic: Easy-to-use graphic design software

I’m not a designer, but I often have some design needs.

For example, add a few artistic words to a photo, use it as a video cover, or send it to Moments. For another example, edit pictures to make simple posters or slideshows and put them in articles and documents.

One night, on a whim, I re-listened to old campus folk songs, those songs that I listened to badly when I was a student.there is a song in it“That Day” by Ai JingI heard it again many years later, and I felt a lot of emotions. I couldn’t help but want to make a picture and share it.

The following is the result of using the design software that night. Don’t laugh, everyone, for non-professional users like me, this effect basically meets the needs.



Today I want to talk about how to choose design software for individual developers or small businesses without design resources, and how to do some simple illustration and picture designs by yourself.

Among the graphic design software I have used, the best one is probably Canva none other has chinese version canva.cnthe Chinese translation is called “paintable”.


Its ease of use is reflected in the built-in countless localized templates, including invitations, notices, happy news, resumes, etc., all of which are included. Just select a template, change the content inside, and there will be a usable work. It also provides a lot of materials and Chinese and English fonts for you to add.


Moreover, it is free to use, only professional users need a paid version. It is also a web application, which can be used by opening a browser without downloading and installing.

I checked, and it has long been the number one in the industry in the world, and its valuation has reached$40 billionranking fifth among unlisted unicorns in the world.

according toto reportit is also the only company founded and headed by a woman among large Internet companies.


Melanie Perkins has no technical background, having studied at the University of Western Australia, where she majored in Communication, Psychology and Business. During her part-time teaching of graphic design in college, she found that Adobe, which is in a “monopoly” position, has a high threshold for use and is expensive for the student party. So, the idea of ​​making a design platform that does not require technical experience and is available to everyone began to sprout in her mind.

Having just turned 19, she decided to drop out of school to start a company called Fusion Books with her then-classmate and future husband, Cliff Obrecht, which provides a library of design templates that allow students to personalize their books using simple drag-and-drop tools. Design your own school yearbook efficiently.

Canva’s growth from a student project to the size it is today reflects just how big the market for graphic design tools is.

Information dissemination has entered the era of pictures and videos from the era of text. This is doomed to a growing market for graphic design tools and video tools.

The industry overlords Adobe and Microsoft will naturally not sit back and watch Canva monopolize this piece of fat, and have launched competing products Adobe Express and Microsoft Designer



Both of these are free products, and if you need to use them with Adobe’s Creative suite and Microsoft’s Office suite, you can consider them.

In addition, the weekly introduced a domestic software before ColorFu Not bad. This small tool is mainly used to make wallpapers and posters, it is easy to use, and it is open source.


There is also an open source software Design Editorwhich aims to provide an open source alternative to Canva, suitable for secondary development.



1、Tik Tok Android Basic Technology Revealed

A few weeks ago, the weekly published news that Douyin’s iOS team was going to hold a technology sharing session. At that time, some students asked, when will there be Android technology sharing?

Now, Douyin’s Android team is about to meet with you.


The activity time is December 10 (Saturday) at 2 pm, and Douyin Android engineers communicated with the audience on the spot.


This event is hosted by ByteDance Technology Salon, you can click nowthis link, or scan the QR code on the poster to learn more about the event and sign up. The organizer has prepared a beautiful gift draw for all participants, don’t miss it.

Technology dynamics

1、rifle shooting record

A group of shooting enthusiasts in Wyoming, USA, set a world record for the farthest target shot with a rifle, hitting the target from 7 kilometers away.


The target is an orange dot 20cm in diameter drawn on a 3m x 2.3m whiteboard and placed 7km away. They shot many times, and finally hit the target on the 69th.


They deliberately chose the shooting site in a mountainous area with an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, where the air is thinner and the resistance is less, which is conducive to creating a record.


The distance of 7 kilometers is very amazing, and the bullet needs to be in the air for 24 seconds. Moreover, this distance must also consider the arc of the earth, because the flight trajectory of the bullet at this time is no longer a straight line, but closer to a parabola, as if the shell fell on the target.


Panasonic officially started selling a pet robot cat.


It was a small furry ball 20 centimeters in diameter with a tail that needed to be charged.


It has no feet or wheels, cannot move, and only speaks briefly. Just pet it, talk to it, or hold it in your arms and it will wag its tail and coo.


Sometimes, left alone, sullen, he will turn around hoping for your attention.


It likes to sunbathe, and it will show a very comfortable expression when placed in the sun. It sells for about 2,000 yuan, and the first batch of crowdfunding last year was sold out.

3、Space Solar Power Plant

Yang Hong, the chief designer of the Chinese space station system, revealed that the Chinese space station will provide on-orbit technical verification for future space solar power plants.


Due to the earth’s rotation and cloudy weather, the efficiency of solar power generation on the ground is not high. Scientists have long thought that solar power plants can be built in space to generate electricity at full power throughout the day, and the energy is then transmitted back to the ground through microwaves.

If this vision can be realized, mankind will enter the second stage of energy utilization, not only collecting energy from the earth, but also collecting energy from space.

4、referee watch

All the referees of this World Cup wear a specially developed smart watch.


This watch is not only used for timing, but also has a special function. Whenever the football as a whole crosses the goal line, it will receive a notification, vibrate immediately at the moment of the goal, and display the words “GOAL (GOAL)” and the name of the scoring player.


This is made possible by 14 high-speed cameras installed in the stadium. They track the movement of the ball at all times and send a signal when it is determined that the ball has crossed the goal line.


1、Mobile phone camera detects nuclear radiation(Chinese)


A photo circulated on the Internet. The photographer pointed the phone camera at a metal rod, and a lot of white noise suddenly appeared in the photo (above). Netizens left messages one after another, telling her to throw away the metal bar and run for her life.

Although it was later confirmed that this photo was forged, is it true that mobile phone cameras can detect nuclear radiation?

2、AI Mapping Entrepreneurship Climax(Chinese)


Since the AI ​​drawing model for generating pictures from text has become popular, many small programs of this kind have appeared in China, trying to start a business in this field.

3、Renovation of urban villages(Chinese)


An architect was commissioned to renovate 5 buildings in an urban village in Shenzhen. They were originally farmers’ self-built houses, which were eventually converted into a very beautiful modern building (the colored building in the picture above).

4、HTML’s <template> element(English)


This article is an introductory tutorial, introducing how to use<template>element.

5、The future of web development is the edge network(English)


This article describes what an edge network (edge) is and what benefits it offers.

6、The physics of shooting into the sky(English)


This article uses physics calculations to prove that firing a gun into the sky is also dangerous, and the falling bullets are fatal.

7、Popular Explanation of Raft Consensus Mechanism(English)


The author uses the characters of the movie “Mean Girls” to explain how a group of people (computers) reach a consensus based on the Raft mechanism.

8、An Interesting Algorithm for Counting Binary Bits(English)

A binary number, how to know how many it contains1? This article presents a simple and interesting algorithm.

9、What happens to the CNAME loop?(English)

A CNAME domain name refers to a mechanism for pointing one domain name to another. The author of this article did an experiment, if two CNAME domain names point to each other, what will happen?


1、Stable Diffusion


This is the hottest AI mapping model right now, released this weekversion 2.0. Picture quality has been improved and performance has been optimized. What’s more, it only needs a GPU to run on a home PC.

2、Diffusion Bee


A MacOS application that makes the Stable Diffusion model into an installation package with a graphical interface, which claims to be the easiest way for Apple computers to use the model.another similar app CHARL-Eand a command-line application ImaginAIry

3、SkyWater SKY130 PDK


A program started by Google where anyone can submit a design for a chip to be fabricated by a foundry on a 130nm process.Its main purpose is to establish an open source chip design ecology to replace the current closed ecology, seeIntroductory article



This tool provides a Web IDE for users to demonstrate code operation. It can record the operation process and play it like a video, but it is actually a small script that is easy to share and spread.



A home server management interface that integrates many services (such as streaming media, code hosting, BT download, etc.). Just clicking on a service starts a container to run it.

6、University of Science and Technology of China speed test website


Detect your internet speed, codeopen source。(@xcuYao post)



Image bed management and file upload and download tools on the mobile phone side, used to upload mobile phone photos and files to various cloud storage services, based on Flutter. (@Kuingsmile post)



An SSH server. When a user uses ssh to log in, it will automatically start a container, allowing the user to log in to the container instead of logging in to the underlying machine, and the user will not be aware of it.

9、Ebook Reader


An open source web reader for reading EPUB e-books.


A Python command line script, used to deal with various redundant blank lines and spaces in text files, providing a variety of configuration items.




The search engine of the Stable Diffusion model can search various pictures generated by this AI mapping model.



This repository collects all sorts of useful and interesting tools, and checks the link’s availability daily with GitHub Actions. (@zhaoolee post)

3、How to configure NeoVim


A detailed tutorial to teach you how to configure the NeoVim editor (a refactoring of the Vim editor, using the Lua language as the scripting engine).This is the first part, andthe second part



A code game.It randomly returns a file from the top 100 warehouses on GitHub, and lets you guess which warehouse it is, seeIntroductory article。(@jerrylususu post)

5、IoT Development Board Simulator


This website simulates various IoT development boards, such as Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino, ESP32, etc. You enter the project code on the webpage, and you can see the simulation execution results of the hardware. (@mingpepe post)

pictures and videos

1、event calendar

Did you know, print the calendar as the card below, with an event window in front. As long as the window is moved, any month can be represented.

Below is July 2022, and the red boxes on the right side of the window indicate weekends.


June 2022.


Its disadvantage is that it cannot indicate how many days there are in this month, whether there are 30 days or 31 days, it cannot be seen.

2、Fire drill at Fuyang West Railway Station

The automatic fire extinguishing system of Hangzhou Fuyang West Railway Station is very eye-opening. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

Its algorithm, some say it is the infrared perception of flames, and some say it is visual recognition.

But no matter which algorithm, it is unlikely that the center of the lobby will catch fire. This system is a bit impractical.


1、AWS and Blockchain

This week, I saw a message.

The Australian Securities Exchange has announced that it is abandoning the development of a blockchain-based trading system. They worked hard for this project for 6 years and spent at least 165 million US dollars, but they still couldn’t make it.

This reminds me of a past event in 2016. At the time, I was still working as a technical director at Amazon Web Services, AWS.


One day, Andy Jassy, ​​the head of AWS, called a meeting and pulled me in. I forgot whether it was a face-to-face meeting or a video conference. I just remember that there were not many participants, and several were senior technical experts.

Andy told everyone: “The blockchain is very hot now. Many of our large corporate customers are asking, what is Amazon’s strategy for the blockchain? They told me that the media are saying that the blockchain is the future and will eliminate other companies. Platform. I need to give them an official answer, but to be honest, I don’t understand blockchain very well, you guys need to help me evaluate it.”

After the meeting, several of us technicians did a lot of research on the blockchain, visited Wall Street customers on the spot, and finally provided two opinions to the company.

(1) We really can’t find out what the significance of the blockchain is. The blockchain may not have strategic significance for AWS, but we will continue to evaluate.

(2) The digital ledger technology of the blockchain is useful, as is the underlying cryptographic technology.

Therefore, we suggest that AWS does not develop blockchain applications, but can provide distributed infrastructure to allow other companies to develop their blockchain products on top of our facilities.

This is why AWS did not launch any blockchain applications later, and we did not regard blockchain as the company’s strategic direction. Looking back now, I’m glad AWS didn’t bet on blockchain at the time.

2、The role of the diary


There is a term in programming called “rubber duck”, which refers to such a scene.

Programmers encountering a particularly difficult problem sometimes find other people, describe the problem to them, and hope that others will give some advice.

However, when describing a problem, in order to let others understand, programmers will gradually clarify their thinking, and sometimes they realize how to solve it before others give advice.

In such a scene, the role of other people can be replaced by a rubber duck. If you encounter a problem that you can’t figure out, try to explain the problem to a rubber duck, and imagine how to describe it, so that the rubber duck can understand the problem.


In some ways, I feel, the journal is my rubber ducky.

I describe those difficult problems in the diary, which can help me to clarify my thoughts, construct ideas, reflect on my own practices and emotions, and exercise my better expression skills.

I’ve been keeping a diary for six or seven years, and I think it’s the most important thing I do for myself.



I’ve been coding for decades, and my career has been ruined by agile development. Yes, you are always a cog in the machine, but agile development makes you feel that every moment.

Hacker News Reader


The main reason why Europe has taken the lead in modern times is internal competition. Countless princes (actually theft groups) plundered each other and competed fiercely. Incompetent rulers are eliminated and small states are annexed.

If a ruler is not interested in an invention, the inventor packs his bags and goes on to lobby the next prince until he meets someone who is interested in something new. Such fierce competition and mutual wars have destroyed the deep-rooted vested interests and conservative ruling groups, promoted inventions, and created conditions for the emergence of new things.

Hacker News Reader


If you want to convince other people to invest in your project, you should first convince yourself why you are willing to invest your time and money in this project, then explain this to other people, and they will believe you.

Paul Graham


The wonder of the universe is that there were only some hydrogen atoms at the beginning, and then human civilization evolved.

Hacker News Reader


Junior engineers care about writing software. They value code quality, adopt best practices, and invest a lot of time learning new technologies with the ultimate goal of creating elegant, performant, maintainable software.

Senior engineers care about building systems. For them, creating software is just one step. They first question whether there is a need to build software, ask what problems it will solve, and why it is important to solve those problems, then ask who will use the software and at what scale, and consider where the software will run and how it will be monitored, and also decide how it will be measured Does it actually solve the problem it’s supposed to solve.

“What is a Senior Engineer? “

this week in history

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