January 28, 2023
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Tech Enthusiasts Weekly (Issue 230): The Electricity Consumption of Electronic Products – Ruan Yifeng’s Weblog

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In the automatic dispensing machine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, as soon as the doctor fills the prescription, the robot hand automatically starts dispensing the medicine, and then “delives” it to the pharmacist’s window through the pipeline, waiting for the patient to take the medicine. (via

Topic of the week: Electricity consumption in electronics

last weekMentioned that the power of the mobile phone charger has exceeded 200W.


This power is quite large. Everyone may not know that your refrigerator is probably not as good as it. Ordinary household refrigerators have a power between 100W and 200W.


(Picture description: 200-liter household refrigerator, the power is generally 140W, and the power consumption is about 1 kWh per day.)

Here’s a recent trend:The power and electricity consumption of electronic products has risen rapidly and has approached or surpassed that of household appliances. I say two things.

the first thing. I recently bought a smart socket that allows my phone to read the current power output.


I just plugged a 27″ 4K monitor into it. Its monthly electricity usage statistics (below) show that this 30W monitor used 13.8 kWh of electricity last month.


I gasped, I didn’t expect a 4K monitor to consume so much power. I have three such monitors on at the same time on my desk. Isn’t that a monitor that consumes 40 kWh of electricity every month!

Second thing.There is a recentnewsNvidia’s latest graphics card RTX 4090, there have been reports from users that the power supply interface has burned out.


If you know the power of this graphics card, this kind of accident is not surprising at all.It is a power-hungry monster with power up to 600Wbut the power supply voltage of the chassis is 12V, resulting in a crazy 50A (600W/12V) total current.

In order to spread the current, it uses 12 ports for power supply (below). Even so, if there is a slight poor contact at the interface, it will seriously heat up and cause burnout.


This is only the power of the graphics card, if it is equipped with the current top desktop CPU Intel i9-13900K (Power 360W), plus other peripherals, the entire desktop computer is close to 1000 watts, which is similar to the power of an air conditioner.

Therefore, using a top-level computer to play large-scale computer games is a very power-intensive behavior. Those game Internet cafes on the street are turned on 24 hours a day, and the electricity bill must be very impressive.

In conclusion, the above two things illustrate a point:As computing power increases, computers are becoming a very power-hungry device.

The most intelligent AI models are based on massive computing. The so-called “intelligence” is actually obtained by power consumption.HaveResearchHe said, “The energy consumption of training an AI model is the same as the carbon emissions of the entire life cycle of five cars.” There is even information that some top-level complex models require a hydropower station to supply power.

Considering that the computer room and 5G base station are both large power consumers, if all devices are connected to the Internet and each device has artificial intelligence, the power consumption will be astronomical.

We can probably say that,The information age is also a power hungry age. Once human society really becomes highly automated and intelligent, it is not known how many more power plants will need to be added.

Mini Program Container FinClip

Mobile apps are often tens of megabytes or hundreds of megabytes. For developers and users, they are all “heavy assets”.

​The industry has been looking for “light application” solutions, such as PWA applications that existed many years ago, Apple’s App Clips, and Google’s Instant Apps. But the most successful solution is the “Mini Program”, at least in China.


When it comes to Mini Programs, people always associate them with some kind of App. actually,Mini Programs are a general-purpose technology

simply say,An applet is a page that runs in some kind of container (usually an App) and is based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.It can call some basic capabilities of the “host App” through scripts, such as reading and writing files, cameras, Bluetooth, and so on. You can think of it as “HTML5 Webpage + App”.

In addition to the familiar WeChat mini-programs, Alipay, Baidu, Meituan, JD.com, Kuaishou, Toutiao and many other domestic platforms have their own mini-programs.


More and more apps want to introduce their own mini-programs, so there is a new technology called “mini-program container”.

The so-called “mini program container” is the running environment of a small program. As long as the app loads this runtime environment, it has the ability to run the applet. To put it bluntly, it allows you to have a small program engine like WeChat, but you don’t have to develop it yourself.

Let me introduce to you, among the many small program containers, I think it is more promising and is now in a leading position:FinClip


FinClip provides a set of SDK, which not only supports mobile phones (iPhone, Android), but also supports various platforms such as desktops (Windows, Linux, macOS), watches, and car devices.As long as your app is loaded with this SDK, you can directly run WeChat mini-programs (and mini-games) without modifying a single line of code.

That is to say, it fully supports the WXML syntax of WeChat applet, no secondary development is required, and the experience is consistent with the WeChat side. You can run a copy of your applet on WeChat, and also run a copy in your own App.

Moreover, it is also a simple cross-platform solution, which is equivalent to an adaptation layer for the WeChat applet, so that the mobile terminal, PC terminal, vehicle equipment, smart TV, smart watch, and smart home can all run the applet, so as to realize “Develop once, run anywhere”. It’s small and only adds 3MB to the original installation package.

If it needs to be packaged independently, it can convert the applet into an App with one click through the self-developed IDE, export the existing applet code as iOS and Android project files, and put them on the shelves in various application markets. That is to say, you can turn an applet into an independent app, and this independent app can run other applet programs and even build its own applet market due to the built-in FinClip SDK.


FinClip has won many large corporate customers, many of which are important units such as brokerages, banks, and airlines. The number of developers now exceeds 30,000, and the number of service users has reached 25 million. In the real production environment, it has withstood the test of millions of concurrent pressures.

For small developers, this product is free to use, only enterprise-level applications require payment.NowRegister Accountnot only can realize cross-platform deployment of small programs, but also can extract blind box gifts.


Technology trends

1、edible plant landscaping

JW Marriott has installed edible plants in the lobby of its 25 chain hotels.


It was a 2.1-meter-tall glass container filled with various edible foods, such as fruits, vegetables and herbs, which, when ripe, served to the hotel’s kitchen and spa.


The UV lamp is used inside the container to simulate sunlight, the effect is definitely not as good as outdoor sunlight, the cost is high, and the output is low. So, these terrariums are more like artworks and decorations and only have a symbolic meaning.


The hotel believes that this device is green and environmentally friendly, and its decorative effect is not inferior to that of flowers. The first phase will mainly plant mint, thyme, rosemary and parsley, if feasible, will be extended to all hotels of the group, and the planting area will be increased.

2、Recover bath water heat

There is an energy shortage in the UK, and a British netizen proposed to recycle the heat of the bath water.


The UK has a lot of energy used to heat bath water in winter, but the hot water is often flushed and then drained directly into the sewer, when the water is still very hot.

This netizen suggested that a heat exchange system (above) be installed outside the drain pipe, and the hot water discharged and the cold water entering the house exchange heat, which can effectively recover energy.

Although his idea is very creative, it looks like a joke and the feasibility is too low.

3、wild animals drinking water photos

A British photographer came to Kenya to photograph wildlife. The daytime in Africa is so hot that animals don’t come out, and they only move at night, so he can’t take pictures at all. In desperation, he persuaded the locals to dig an artificial pond for him in the wild.


The pond uses solar-powered pumps to divert water from 3 kilometers away and is guaranteed not to dry up. At the same time, a concrete hut has been built next to the pond, where tourists can hide to watch wildlife and take pictures, thus bringing long-term income to the locals.



After digging the pond, the photographer was pleasantly surprised to find that many animals such as lions, hyenas, leopards, and baboons came here to drink water soon. There are so many wild animals in Africa. He took a lot of wonderful photos as a result.






4、bases on meteorites

American scientists confirmed that the five bases that make up DNA and RNA were all discovered in a meteorite that fell in Australia in 1969.


DNA and RNA are the building blocks of life, and they are made up of five bases: adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine, and uracil. These bases are the most basic units of life.

The discovery of all bases on meteorites adds persuasiveness to the “meteorite origin theory” of life. This hypothesis holds that life on Earth came from meteorites that fell to the ground, bringing organic matter to Earth.


1、my brother my home(Chinese)


Zhang Yingtang’s sister Zhang Yingtang’s long article in 2018 introduced the past of Zhang’s family and his brother.

“My brother went abroad in 1985, went back to visit relatives in 1987, and then it was a 25-year long parting.”

After graduating from his doctorate, he was very unhappy in the United States, and his life was difficult. He had no contact with his family for 10 years, and his family did not know whether he was dead or alive. It was not until he promoted the twin prime number conjecture in 2013 that no domestic unit was willing to pay to invite him to return to China to give lectures.

2、Musk interview(Chinese)


On November 4th, Musk gave a public interview about some of the next tweets and Tesla’s vision. This is the Chinese finishing of the main content.

3、26-story pig building(Chinese)


Ezhou City, Hubei Province is building a 26-story “pig raising building with the highest and largest single area in China”. This article introduces the situation of this building and how high-rise buildings raise pigs.in additiona reportAlso refer to.

4、I built an ancient sailing ship(Chinese)


In ancient China, sailboats were used for sailing, and even sailing to the South China Sea, but now such boats are no longer seen, and even those who can build them are nowhere to be found. The author managed to imitate one.

5、Cache CORS requests(English)

CORS is a cross-domain HTTP request, and two HTTP requests (preflight request + formal request) are actually issued. Many cloud service providers charge by the number of requests, which will greatly increase the cost. This article describes how to cache CORS requests on the client side to avoid excessive requests.

6、How startups can speed up development(English)

How startups can speed up code development, the author presents his approach.

7、Testing Windows Dev Kit 2023(English)


Microsoft recently released an ARM host, called Windows Dev Kit 2023, in an attractive configuration, priced at $599, specifically for developers to test the ARM version of Windows.Another articleChinese evaluation

8、How do I deal with spammers(English)

The author pulled a prank and used Microsoft Power Automate to automate the process of automatically replying to spammers.


Invite the other party to register on the designated page, you need to set a password when registering, but the settings are always unsuccessful, thus wasting the other party’s time.




An open source software that converts pictures from low resolution to high resolution, making them clearer.



A domestic artificial intelligence tool for code generation, similar to GitHub Copilot, can translate code in one language into another, and provide VS Code plug-ins. (@jues post)

3、Lama Cleaner

An open source AI tool that can erase any unwanted objects from pictures. (@willshion post)



A command line tool to interactively search and install various JS npm modules. (@webfansplz post)



A JS animation library that sets which DOM elements to observe, creating an interactive effect as if the page is watching the user’s actions. (@jj811208 post)



A blog platform developed in Go language, supports Linux/Windows/MacOS, occupies small system resources, and has its own management background. (@1379 post)

7、Netease Recent Profile


This open source tool can generate an SVG image from your NetEase Cloud Music listening song record and insert it into a web page. (@zonemeen post)



A JS/TS server running environment, compatible with all APIs of Node.js, completely implemented from scratch, and running much faster than Node.js.

9、IPFS upload gateway


This website is the upload portal for IPFS, which provides free storage space. In theory, once uploaded to IPFS, the file exists permanently on the Internet and cannot be deleted or modified.



An open source Amazon cloud service simulation product, you can set up offline services on this machine to test your cloud programs.

Nuggets Double Eleven Event

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1、Postgres Driving Range


This website provides an online Postgres database practice environment, which can load the database on the web page and execute SQL commands, seeIntroductory article



Open source icon search engine. (@jaywcjlove post)



Oneopen sourceLinux server management question bank. It will create a server instance inside the browser and let the user solve the problem by himself. (@jerrylususu post)

4、Full stack Python


A free English tutorial, suitable for readers who have learned Python syntax, refer to it to write some real applications (such as Web services).

5、Unicode Obfuscated Character Search


Many Unicode characters have similar glyphs and are easily confused.This tool can search for other characters that are similar in shape to a certain character. For example, the different characters in the picture above look likec

Pictures and Videos

1、solar metallurgy

An American netizen believes that the current metal smelting industry consumes a lot of energy and releases carbon dioxide, and green transformation should be carried out as soon as possible.

He made a giant lens that can focus sunlight, melt the metal in the crucible, and then smelt it, thus realizing solar metallurgy.


2、Sky City Building

This September, Dji’s new headquarters”Sky City Building“Open, the address is No. 55 Xianyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.


Since the start of construction, this building has attracted much attention and was once rated by the media as one of the “10 new buildings most worthy of completion in the world in 2021”, costing a total of 1.6 billion. Its designer is also the designer of Apple’s new headquarters, the British Foster + Partners (Foster + Partners).


It is a twin tower connected by a steel cable bridge in the middle.


Each tower is suspended outwards by six huge “glass volumes”, as if hanging from pillars.


It is not easy to see the interior of DJI. The following is the official video of the interior of the building (QQ videoYoutube video)。

3、Facebook internal poster

What would you do if you weren’t scared?


Fail harder.


User feedback is a gift.



1、Google data engineers don’t optimize SQL

I am an external supplier to Google Inc.

During the cooperation process, I saw that the SQL statements written by some Google engineers were very inefficient.

These statements take a snapshot of the database every 10 minutes, wasting several terabytes of space. Why doesn’t Google optimize these statements?


Later, I figured out why.

First, many modern databases have real-time optimization capabilities that optimize SQL statements themselves, without the need for human effort.

Second, according to public data, the average annual salary of data engineers in 2022 is $112,500, and Google engineers are obviously paid more. Therefore, Google believes that engineers’ time is best spent creating business value rather than optimizing SQL queries, which should be left to data engine developers and cloud computing.

Third, storage is almost free and gets cheaper every day. It now costs about $20 to store 1TB of data per year on Google’s GCP cloud platform. If you take a snapshot every 15 minutes of a small table with about 3 million records, that’s about 1TB of data per year.

A US data engineer earns an average of $54 per hour, and an hour spent optimizing queries, writing merge statements, creating separate pipelines, committing code, reviewing it, long-term maintenance, is roughly equivalent to data The cost of storage for two years.

In fact, my estimate is that it might take an engineer 8 hours (a day’s work) to optimize the SQL query for this project, which is about 16 years of storage costs.

With storage costs so low and getting lower, engineers’ time spent moving fast and creating business value is far more valuable than wasting it writing fancy SQL statements.



Every action you take is a vote on who you want to be.

James Clear(James Clear), American Habit Research Specialist


One lesson I’ve learned from studying tech news over the past few decades is that it’s really, really, really hard to speculate on what happens when things scale up.

We can figure out a tree, but it’s very difficult to imagine how the ecosystem will change when they become a forest. It’s not hard to understand all the features of the iPhone, but it’s hard to foresee how they will change the world.

“AI-created content will be a tsunami”


American research universities are the best in the world, and they succeed not because there is some kind of top-level design, but because at some point these universities start to compete with each other for research capabilities.

This has led to increased academic specialization and a more precise measurement of professors’ research output. Ultimately, the school’s willingness to offer tenure and more resources to elite professors further enhances research performance.

Why does America have the best research universities? 》


Startups have only two fates: move fast and die slow.

“Startup Course for Startups”


Amazon must have hired a Chief Jargon Officer for AWS, with some obscure names for their products like EC2, Redshift, Route 53, etc.

“Decoding AWS’s Reserved Instances”

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