March 27, 2023
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Tech Enthusiasts Weekly (Issue 227): Facebook’s Corporate Onboarding

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This year’s weather is abnormal, and there is drought in the interior, but the Tarim River in Xinjiang has the largest amount of water in ten years. The water is so large that it overflows into the nearby Taklimakan Desert, forming numerous desert lakes. (via

Topic of the Week: Facebook’s Corporate Onboarding

Internet companies have induction education. After the new employees enter the factory, they will be trained for a few days to familiarize themselves with the corporate culture and system.

The lecturer will give everyone a class, and each person will be given a booklet to introduce the corporate philosophy.


I’ve seen a few of these brochures, but unfortunately they haven’t survived. Thinking about it now, it would be a very interesting read if the scans were put on the Internet.

There was a former Facebook employee who put Facebook Brochureput on the net. I read it again and was very touched.



Facebook, a company, has not developed well in recent years, but this booklet has done a good job. From beginning to end, it conveys a positive energy of Internet entrepreneurship: why do we start a business, not for money, but to pursue an ideal.

This is ironic because Facebook is not an idealistic company at all, by far. However, it expresses idealism very well. After reading this booklet, you can’t help but agree with its philosophy, which unifies the thoughts of employees and inspires motivation. This expressive ability is worth learning.

Next, I will show you what this booklet says, which domestic companies can learn from.


There is a sentence printed on the cover: “Facebook does not plan to set up a company”, which makes you curious to read on and what exactly it wants to say.


Turning to page two, “[The company was founded]for a mission: to make the world more open and connected.”

The third page goes on to say, how can this mission be accomplished? “(We want to) change the way people communicate and thus change the world.”


In these three pages alone, the company’s structure and ambitions are already on paper.

Then comes the requirements for employees: in order to achieve this goal, you need to do…

“Excellence and comfort rarely coexist.”


“Whether it’s windy or rainy, no matter how hot the sun and the night are, it doesn’t stop programmers from completing code quickly.”


“Those who move fast will take over the world.”


That’s telling new people that your job is going to be hard and that your job is to deliver useful code quickly.

Owing to the space, it will be omitted later. Turning directly to the last page of the booklet, this is the sentence.


“If we don’t kill ourselves, others will kill us.”

This concluding remark is really good. If you don’t innovate, you will die. The implication is that if you come to work with us, follow the rules and do nothing, you will be eliminated.

This reminds me of an anecdote from ten years ago. In 2012, Facebook moved into its new headquarters building. That building used to be the building of Sun Corporation. Later, Sun Corporation was acquired by Oracle, and the building became vacant.

When Facebook was renovating, it did not make a new building sign, but painted its own logo on the front of the original sign (below).


The back of the sign, not decorated at all, still retains the original Sun logo (below).


Facebook explained it this way: The disappearing company on the back can always remind us that if we fail, others will replace us.

Technology trends

1、artificial leaves

The University of Cambridge has invented “artificial leaves” that float on water to simulate photosynthesis and generate fuel from sunlight, carbon dioxide and water.


This artificial leaf is actually an electronic film sandwiched between two glass substrates. It is very thin and will not sink.

When it shines in sunlight, it can decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen, and it can also synthesize carbon dioxide into combustible gas. However, news reports did not reveal how the flammable gases were collected.



The researchers envision that the leaves could be used in some remote islands, or in small coastal villages, to provide energy for local people.

2、VR office

Last week, Facebook and Microsoft announced a partnership to create a VR office environment.


Facebook is responsible for the VR headset, and Microsoft is responsible for the VR office software, mainly porting its Office suite and the Teams online meeting system.


The system also offers a VR tabletop, where five monitors appear when the headset is on. It is conceivable that if this system can be successful, there is even less need to go to the office to work.


3、digital license plate

California approved the use of “LCD license plate”, that is, the license plate is a liquid crystal display.


The LCD license plate can be edited with a mobile phone and can be personalized to display the vehicle number. If the vehicle is stolen, you can even remotely control it to display “this vehicle is stolen” on the license plate.



Once on the road, suppliers say, “digital license plates” will make traditional metal license plates look like antiques from the 19th century.

This practice can also be cited in China, which is conducive to the intelligentization and networking of vehicles, and can also stimulate consumption. Please seeVideo below

4、Graphics card level

The latest NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card is on sale, and this card is huge, longer than an arm, and weighing 2.5kg, heavier than a brick.


It is very difficult to install, because it is too long and heavy, causing huge pressure on the motherboard and chassis. An unknown Chinese manufacturer came up with a trick that included a level on the graphics card (the green tube on top of the graphics card in the picture below).


If the liquid in the tube flows to one end, it means that the graphics card is installed crookedly and needs to be adjusted.

The power of this graphics card is 600w, and the power of the whole machine needs 850w. It’s hard to imagine what the future of desktop computers will look like. The density of integrated circuits is approaching the limit, and the increase in computing power will be accompanied by an increase in power consumption and volume. Will PCs become as big as air conditioners?

5、Smart blind zebra crossing

How do blind people cross the road? Traditionally, a bell would ring during a green light, and blind people would cross the road when they heard it. Obviously, this method is not convenient for blind people, nor is it reliable.


On October 15, the International Blind Day in Nanning, Guangxi, the first intelligent blind zebra crossing was opened. The traffic police department provides the blind person with a bracelet in advance, and the blind person can press the button of the bracelet when they come to the intersection.


The sensing devices at both ends of the zebra crossing, once receiving the signal of the wristband, will adjust the traffic lights, and warn the passing vehicles through visual and sound methods, reminding the vehicles to stop.


There is also a bumpy blind road in the middle of the zebra crossing. Blind people will feel touch when walking on the blind road and know that they are crossing the road.


1、Household 1000 yuan 3D printer(Chinese)


The cheapest 3D printer is already at the thousand yuan level. Is such a printer good?

2、Interview with a 50-year-old code farmer(Chinese)

The author is a Canadian Chinese and has been engaged in database management. After working for 20 years, he wanted to switch to development, so he swiped Leetcode and began to submit his resume to apply for a job.

3、U.S. semiconductor ban on China(English)


On October 10, the Biden administration issued an unprecedented and severe ban on Chinese semiconductors, one of which even banned American citizens from working in Chinese semiconductor companies. This is no longer a trade ban in essence, but is starting to stifle China’s semiconductor industry.

The author is an American analyst who takes the stand of the U.S. government and analyzes why he thinks this policy can hit China. From this article, we can understand the thoughts of the top leaders in the United States.Here is another related articleAnalyze articles

4、The optimal size of a web page is no more than 14KB(English)


The TCP protocol has the characteristic of “slow start”, which causes the transmission speed of a 14KB web page to be significantly better than that of a 15KB web page. Therefore, the webpage (or above-the-fold code) should preferably not exceed 14KB.

5、Privacy Risks of In-App Browsers(English)

When you open a URL in a mobile app (such as clicking a URL in WeChat), you open it in the in-app browser, not in the system browser.

At this time, the host App can monitor your every move, and many giants do this.

6、How to maintain the aspect ratio of web images(English)


The author discusses in detail two ways to set aside space for images on web pages before they load: the CSS aspect-ratio property, and<img>height and width properties.

7、What is “clean code”?(English)


There is a famous book called “Clean Code”, which advocates programmers to write “clean code”. This short article summarizes some characteristics, what kind of code can be called clean.




An open source web bot recognition tool (captcha) with frontend and backend. Its principle is proof of work, if the other party makes a lot of requests, it will have to consume a lot of computing resources.

2、Replit App


Replit, a browser-based IDE, launched a mobile app this week that lets you develop software on your phone.


A help library written in TypeScript, similar to Lodash, is characterized by strict emphasis on type correctness, and can be used in both Deno and npm.

4、Domain Admin


An open source domain name SSL certificate monitoring platform, you can build it yourself, monitor SSL certificates, and automatically send email reminders when they expire. (@moody post)



The idea of ​​this service is very good. The user uploads an Android App, and the website will create a new Android virtual machine in the background, run the App, and let the user use it through the web page.



An open source, fabric.js and Vue-based image editor that can customize fonts, materials, and design templates. (@nihaojob post)



The web version of the API debugging tool HTTPie.



An alternative to Electron, used to make cross-platform desktop applications, developed using the Rust language. It uses the WebView that comes with each platform. The disadvantage is that the supported Web API will be less, and the advantage is that the packaged product is small in size.

9、ReadySet Core


A free cloud service that provides SQL cache that can be placed in front of the database and it will cache every SQL query.

10、Tailwind DX


A plugin for Chrome DevTools to enhance debugging of Tailwind CSS.


1、Freehand painting


A Chinese version of the Stable Diffusion model, which simplifies the parameters and operation steps and is convenient for Chinese users. Pictures can be generated based on Chinese descriptions, but the response may be slow due to insufficient resources. (@TandK8600 post)

2、Four Tet


Spotify playlist, bya british music producercreate. He kept adding songs to it. There are already 1860 songs, which can be played for 155 hours, and many are very weird music.

3、AI drawing data

This Chinese warehouse collects various information about the AI ​​image generation engine. (@hua1995116 post)



A food nutrition database that can query food calories, and only supports English query.Its data comes fromUSDA

5、Google Jigsaw


A small jigsaw puzzle game for web pages launched by Google, which supports multiple people to work together.


1、Distortion of the map

Sometimes, looking at a map can lead to misjudgments, where Russia is too big (6,400 km) and Africa is too small (7,200 km).


It’s not that the map is wrong, it’s that the earth is spherical, and a flat map will be distorted and stretched at high latitudes.

2、animal portrait

An American photographer who sticks to the method of taking portraits of humans, takes portraits of animals. He said to photograph the noble side of animals.



He says he spends 99% of his time observing and only 1% pressing the shutter.





3、jet suit

A British company that makes jet flight suits, has releasedProduct video3 minutes and 30 seconds to fly up a peak of more than 900 meters, very cool.

The suit has a large turbine on the back and a small turbine on each arm to generate thrust.

The company says it can be used for mountain rescue, quickly rescuing injured people from mountains.


1、A new way of interviewing

How to screen candidates in interviews?

Different interviewers have different methods. Recently, I heard that there is a way for candidates to “share their code”.


The candidate chooses a piece of his project code and shows it to the interviewer. The latter will ask some specific questions, such as why it is written this way, whether there are other implementation methods, which parts do you think are well written, which ones are not well written, etc.

In my opinion, this is probably the worst way to interview.

First, some good candidates may not have project code to share. For example, their former employer prohibits sharing internal code, or the candidate has just graduated and hasn’t written any meaningful project code.

Second, the interviewer needs to be able to understand the candidate’s code. This means that you can only hire people who have similar skills and have done similar projects as you. If the interviewer is a network engineer and goes to hire a system programmer, it will be difficult to understand the candidate’s code.

Again, this approach is very subjective and susceptible to all kinds of biases. Whether the code of the candidate is good or not, different people will have different opinions. This means that if there are multiple interviewers, there is a high chance that an agreement cannot be reached. On the other hand, you can’t directly compare different candidates, because each of them came up with different code.

Finally, this approach leaves out many other important aspects of the work. In most jobs, the piece of code shown may not matter at all. Also, people using this code often don’t need to understand how it works at all. So, what you’re testing in an interview may be an irrelevant skill.

A better interview method should be the other way around. The interviewer pulls out a piece of code and asks the candidate to comment on it.



The value of Douyin for creators is that you don’t need subscribers to get views, and its discovery engine pushes you to other people.

Hacker News readers


I watched and timed TikTok’s 100 most popular videos of 2019 and came to the conclusion that the best video length for TikTok is 16 seconds.

The Best Length of Short TikTok Videos


After submitting the code, there are two code reviews within Google. The first review is a functional review to ensure that the code works as expected; the second review is a readability review to ensure that the code is readable and easy to understand and maintain.

“How to Name Variables”


When hiring, the most important thing is not to hire good engineers, but to avoid bad engineers.

“High-Performing Individuals and Teams”


Whenever someone makes a request of one kind or another to my open source project, I give him three Fs and let him choose one of his own.

Fix it, Fork it, F**k off.

“The Three F’s of Developing Open Source Projects”

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