December 4, 2022
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Tech Enthusiasts Weekly (Issue 221): The World’s Most Prosperous Industry

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Many colleges and universities have begun to register their students, and Zhejiang University City College rented a ladder to transport luggage for students. (via

Topic of the week: The world’s most prosperous industry

Not long ago, I read aArticles by foreigners

He says,The most prosperous industry in the world is the video industry, and the most prosperous in the video industry is live broadcasting. I’m very touched, and today I’m going to talk about live broadcasting.


he liftedresearch reportA few figures show how prosperous this industry is.

  • Global live video market: $30.29 billion in 2020, and is expected to be $106.19 billion in 2025.
  • Live video viewers in China: about 617 million in 2020.

There are so many users, the market is so big, the growth is still accelerating, and the output value has doubled in two or three years. Can the world find a second such industry?

Individual industries may grow faster, but it is nowhere near the social reach and engagement population of livestreaming.


I think,The prosperity of live broadcasting is reflected in the fact that it is a national industry.

The consumption of live broadcast is universal, and anyone can watch the live broadcast. In fact, the whole society is shifting the time of watching TV, watching movies, and reading books to video and live broadcast, which is why this industry has become so big.

The production of live broadcast is also for the whole people, there is no threshold at all, and you can broadcast it by picking up your mobile phone. Now, many industries are in recession, causing a large number of people to start live broadcasting, which greatly enriches the content of the program.

It is precisely because both consumption and production are for the whole people that live broadcasting is destined to become an unprecedentedly prosperous industry.


But, more importantly, live streaming is engaging.After you watch it once, you will want to watch more and even become addicted. This is the fundamental reason for the boom in live broadcasting.

Taking me as an example, I thought I would not like to watch live broadcasts, because I am not very interested in mainstream game live broadcasts, live music and dance live broadcasts, and live broadcasts of commodities. But one day, I discovered that major scenic spots and cities have live broadcasts of scenery and street views, which suits my appetite.

Sometimes after midnight, I’m still writing something. In order to pass the loneliness, I will go to the live broadcast platform to search for “Mount Tai” or “Climbing Mount Tai at night”. In the middle of the night every day, there are probably thousands of people on Mount Tai, and there are always live broadcasts at Zhongtianmen. While I was working, I watched the endless crowds climb the mountain in the middle of the night, which was a wonderful feeling.


That’s what makes live streaming so appealing. (1) It has a wide range of topics and high selectivity. Almost all content that can be broadcast live is broadcast live. (2) The sense of presence, all content is real-time, with a certain suspense. (3) Interactivity, viewers can chat with the anchor by text or even by voice. (4) Randomness, you can go in and watch at any time, you don’t need to know the cause and effect, just watch it for a minute. (5) FREE.

I’m even considering buying a vertical-screen TV to cast live broadcasts. In this case, the utilization rate of the TV is still higher, and I can see it better.


Since the live broadcast industry is so prosperous, it will definitely bring many opportunities. I suggest that you can focus on this field and consider how to use live broadcasts to expand influence and create opportunities for individuals or companies.

Of course, not everyone is suitable to be an anchor, but at least you can consider making some short videos to promote yourself. Videos (especially short videos) have become the best way to reach the masses.

By the way, many friends suggested that the weekly also publish a video version, the audience must be much larger than the text version. That’s good advice, I’d really consider it if I had the resources.

Apipost 7 released

Weekly introduced a domestic software development tool ApipostI don’t know if you have any impression.

In August of this year, they released version 7.0, which introduced several new features that were first released in China, which are worth introducing.


If you don’t know yet, Apipost is positioned as an “integrated R&D collaboration platform”, focusing on API development, including documentation, debugging, and testing, which is equivalent to Postman + Swagger + Mock + Jmeter


Its interface and basic operations are very similar to Postman (above), but it is completely localized, making it easier for domestic developers to get started.At the same time, it strengthensteam managementandproject management, has a strong collaboration function. Everyone in the team (front-end development, back-end development, testing, project managers) can use it to collaborate.

Many domestic enterprises have chosen it as the main development tool. However, when the last weekly introduction, it supported only one interface protocol, HTTP. Later, the WebSocket protocol was added. These two protocols are mainly used for front-end interfaces.

Version 7.0 adds the long-awaited backend protocol gRPCmaking it also useful for debugging interfaces between backend servers.gRPC interfaceThe usage is very simple, just import the service definition file.protoand then fill in the parameters and server address to debug the interface.


Therefore, Apipost now supports three interface protocols: HTTP, gRPC, WebSocket. When using, first choose which interface you want to create (above).

Version 7.0 also improved Websocket interfacesupports three calling formats of Raw,, and SockJs, and can be called directly without loading the last two libraries.

Version 7.0 also optimizes the user experience and takes up less resources, with special emphasis onNo need to log in, use it directly.And, the main functions are supportedUse offlinewhich is very meaningful for team development, and can be completely developed in a local area network environment without an external network (below).


automated testYou only need to fill in the conditions that the API return value needs to meet, you can run without writing code (below), and it supports multiple scenarios and supports multiple environments of the same project.


at last,Mock dataMore intelligent and visual, it supports two mock methods, json-schema and mockjs. As long as there is an interface document, it can automatically simulate and generate interface data.


Apipost 7 hasdesktop versionand Web versiontwo versions,are free to use.onlyPrivate deploymentAnd technical support, only need to pay.

welcome everybodytry outcan also accessofficial community,Learn more about.

Technology trends

1、Starlink’s mobile phone connection

Last week, Musk announced that the Starlink project will cooperate with T-mobile, the third largest wireless communications company in the United States, to allow mobile phones to access mobile networks through satellites.


This feature allows mobile phones to communicate with StarLink satellites in places where there are no signal towers, which is equivalent to a signal tower 500 kilometers overhead.

But the signal tower is so far away, the bandwidth is destined to be very small, it is very difficult to only send text messages, voice calls and access the Internet, and this little bit of bandwidth is shared. In addition, the mobile phone cannot be used indoors, and there must be an unobstructed sky above the head. Rainy weather will also affect the effect.


Musk said that the feature can be used on regular mobile phones. The second-generation Starlink satellites launching next year will have large antennas of 5 to 6 meters that can transmit signals directly to mobile phones. These signals will use frequency bands owned by T-mobile, so ordinary mobile phones can receive them, and T-mobile company also uses this to promote that there is no need to worry about no signal anywhere.

2、Drone flying over Mount Everest

DJI recently released a video of its drone Mavic 3 flying over Mount Everest.


The video was difficult to make, and the drone had to be modified. (1) Speed ​​up the speed of the propeller to fly in a place where the air is so thin. (2) The battery is enlarged to make up for low temperature power failure. (3) Prevent the propeller blades from freezing.


In the event that the drone is carried to the top of the mountain through hardships and fails to fly successfully, all previous efforts will be forfeited, and there will be no next chance. Fortunately, the video shot is very spectacular. You can see that the highest point in the world is actually very small, just a protruding ridge.

Here is the video (YoutubeTencent Video)。

3、sell user information

Many software are secretly collecting user information for profit. That being the case, why don’t users sell their personal information themselves in exchange for money?


A Canadian company has developed a browser plug-in that allows users to authorize the company to sell their browsing history, and the company will convert the profits into gift certificates and distribute them to users.

When opening the plug-in, it will ask your age, gender and region, but it does not provide these specific personal information. It simply lets advertisers query its database, such as the most popular sites for men aged 18 to 24 in the Los Angeles area, the most frequently viewed items, and more.

4、Submarine Tracking Robot

Nuclear submarines can lie in ambush on the seabed for months without surfacing. In order to track these submarines, the militaries of various countries are developing robots. Foreign media have sorted out some such robots (drones).

A 2.2-meter-long fish-shaped submersible manufactured by a company in Beijing moves at a speed of 5 meters per second by swinging its tail fin.


The Orca produced by Boeing is the largest unmanned submarine in the U.S. military and can be used for anti-submarine purposes.



The U.S. military’s unmanned helicopters mainly monitor sea targets and can also be used for anti-submarine purposes.



1、Safari browser plug-in for iPhone(Chinese)


Safari browser for iPhone and iPad tablet, you can install plug-in. This article introduces 14 commonly used plugins.

2、Javascript Obfuscation Technology(English)


This article introduces some methods of code obfuscation in JavaScript to make the code as difficult to recognize and read as possible.

3、Facebook encrypted the query string of the URL(English)


There are some URL query strings used to track users, Firefox can now automatically strip these query strings. It’s amazing how Facebook actually modified its own URL to encrypt the query string so you couldn’t strip it.

4、What distribution is GNU/Linux?(English)


Not all Linux distributions are GNU/Linux, the author proposes that only if the GNU C library (often called glibc) and the GNU coreutils package are used, they are GNU/Linux.

By this standard, Alpine, OpenWrt, and Android are not GNU/Linux.

5、DNS TXT records(English)


This article explains what a DNS TXT record is with an example. It may be a bit laborious to read, but the explanation is good.

6、How to install qemu virtual machine on Apple M1(English)


This article describes step by step how to install a Linux system based on the x86 architecture through the qemu virtual machine on an Apple M1 machine.

7、Macbook’s touch bar is set to git operation(English)


This article describes how to place buttons on the Macbook Touch Bar to execute git commands from the command line with a single click.

8、Unix timestamp or ISO-8601?(English)


Whether the time records of the database are saved as Unix timestamps or in ISO-8601 formatyyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssZtime?



A JS library for serializing JSON data. The characteristic is that the specification of the data needs to be defined (spec), so the serialized string is very small.

2、Flipper Zero


A hardware gadget that integrates various IoT protocols (NFC, infrared, RFID, Bluetooth, etc.) into one device, and can also be programmed to facilitate various experiments. It looks very fun.



This software generates visual video based on audio, that is, turning audio into video, you can add various layers, and there are multiple parameters that can be adjusted.

4、Mutant Standard


A set of slightly offbeat Emoji patterns, nearly 1000 symbols. If you want a different emoji, try it.



The single-file database software, written in Go, integrates the database (SQLite), background UI, data management, user management, etc. in one file.

6、Piano Trainer


A cross-platform piano training software that helps beginners learn to play the piano through small exercises. It seems that the computer keyboard is not currently supported, and a MIDI keyboard must be used.



A browser plug-in that allows copying any UI component from a web page and restoring its code, which is equivalent to reverse engineering from the UI.

8、Market depth


An extended Markdown format that adds a lot of functions and is also a JS script. As long as it is placed in a web page, it can automatically render a text file in this format into an HTML page.



This site “translates” regular expressions into English explanations. You fill in a regular expression and it returns an English explanation.


1、Stable Diffusion Resources

One of the big things last week was Stable Diffusion Modelannounced.

It is a “text-to-image” open source engine, similar in function to the closed source DALL·E engine, but the code is public.


Many people have developed various applications based on it, and the title link is a warehouse that collects various related links.

It can also generate details from sketches, here is an eye-opening articleUse Cases. Below is a sketch drawn by the author.


Below is a detailed diagram given by Stable Diffusion.


2、360-degree live view of Shaanxi Museum


Online visit to Shaanxi Museum, 360-degree display, there are more than 100 scenes in five exhibition halls. You can browse the web or browse the VR headset.

3、Web3 is not the Web

A podcast interview with Wang Jianshuo, founder of, explaining his understanding of Web3.

He believes that Web3 is a very bad name. Although it is based on the Web, it is fundamentally different. It is not the next version of the Web, but more like a big table shared by the world.In addition, you can refer to his on YoutubeLecture video


4、Programming language database PLDB

This database is dedicated to a variety of programming languages, and anyone can submit new languages. It has already collected 4,044 and is still growing rapidly.

5、WebAuthn Guide


This site provides an introduction to the latest user authentication technology, the WebAuthn API.


1、chip coaster

A foreign programmer used a laser engraving machine to print the chip logo on a thin stone sheet to make a coaster.




He released the source file, if you have a laser engraver too, you can try it out.

2、fallen leaves painting

A Canadian artist collects fallen leaves and makes them into a variety of vivid paintings.






1、Why does it take so long to learn a foreign language?

In 1949, Harvard linguist George Kingsley Zipf made word frequency statistics for his novel Ulysses. The length of the book is 260,430 words, and a total of 29,899 words are used. It is one of the literary works with the largest number of words.


He found that the frequency of words dropped regularly. Word Frequency The frequency of the second word is one-half of the first, the third is one-third the frequency of the first, the fourth is a quarter, and the tenth is ten One in one, the 1,000th is one in one thousand, and so on.

This is known as Zipf’s law, that is, the word frequency of any word maintains a fixed ratio to that word’s rank in the word frequency table.


There are two important corollaries to this law.

(1) The common vocabulary of a language contains only a few words. For example, in English, the word the makes up 7% of all texts, and the 10 most common English words make up 23% of all texts.

For most languages ​​in the world today, just 100 to 150 common words make up about half of all text. In the Greek New Testament, 319 words make up nearly 80% of the book.

(2) After you have mastered these high-frequency common words, almost all the words you encounter are low-frequency words.

Taking the Greek New Testament as an example, 319 words make up nearly 80% of the text, but the remaining 20% ​​contain 5,118 infrequently used words, most of which are used only once.

The second corollary is that mastering a foreign language is a hassle. Once learners get started, they have to spend a lot of time memorizing words that appear infrequently. Take the Brown University corpus as an example. The corpus contains a total of 53,076 words, of which 36,135 words appear no more than three times in all documents in the corpus. They account for 68% of the vocabulary, but are only used in 5% of the occasions.

To complicate matters, these uncommon words are often important and provide key information about the sentence. The rarer the word, the more important it is to understand the meaning of the sentence.

When learners encounter unfamiliar words, they can guess the meaning from the context. However, one study showed that readers must be able to understand at least 95 percent of the text if they are to correctly guess the meaning of a word from its context.

For the Brown corpus, 15,851 words cover 97.8% of the corpus. This is about the number of words that British and American college students master. This means that if you have memorized 15,000 words, and you come across a word you don’t know, you can guess its meaning with greater confidence.

However, it is not easy for foreigners to master about 15,000 English words through several years of study.



Animal husbandry is an energy inefficient industry, 100 calories of grain feed can only be converted into 3 calories of beef. Only 13% of the world’s corn is eaten by humans, and most of the rest is made into feed. In addition, animal husbandry takes up a lot of land that would otherwise produce human food.

“Most of the world’s food is not eaten by humans”


I’ve seen colleagues on LinkedIn with lots of credentials. I don’t know how they got the certificate, it’s a mystery because the weakest people on the team usually have the certificate and the best people don’t.

Hacker News readers


You know you’re old when you hit the fourth JavaScript build tool in your career.

First was Grunt, then Gulp, and then we waved goodbye to the hell of Gulp’s complex configuration and ushered in Webpack. But five years later, Webpack is also a mess, slow, bloated, and confusing. Now our project has switched to esbuild again and the build time has gone from 7 minutes to 1 second which is great, let’s hope it works this time.

Hacker News readers


How fast technology is advancing, just remember the fact that in 1900, homes were without electricity.

At that time, even in the most developed United States, electricity was only supplied to some special sectors, such as street lights and telegraph offices.

“Barriers to Innovation”



In 1930, British economist Keynes predicted that by the end of the 20th century, technological development would be enough to allow workers in developed countries to work 15 hours a week.

In terms of technology, he’s right, we’re perfectly capable of doing that. However, the reality is that people are not working less hours, and work is more stressful. This means that many people’s jobs are effectively meaningless, and eliminating these jobs will not reduce output. I call these jobs “garbage jobs”.

“Trash Work”

this week in history

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Domestic software FlowUs Provide personal column service (seeWeekly column), which integrates “document + table + network disk”, which is suitable for various purposes such as knowledge base, data management, and file storage.



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