December 4, 2022
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Tech Enthusiasts Weekly (Issue 220): Where Are the Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence

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The high temperature in Chongqing has caused the water level of the Jialing River to drop sharply, the shallows at the bottom of the river are exposed, and there is no water under the piers of the Qiansimen Bridge. (via

Topic of the week: Where are the opportunities for artificial intelligence

OpenAI Corporationartificial intelligence model FROM AND 2recently opened to the public.


It can generate pictures based on text, a bit like the “magic mirror” in fairy tales. You tell the mirror what you want to see, and it shows you what you want.currentpriceIt is 15 dollars to generate 460 pictures, with an average of 0.03 dollars per picture (about two cents of RMB).

It was immediately apparent that this tool had practical uses.

Database query software OctoSQL Without a Logo, the author described what Logo he wanted.

A cute little octopus wearing a yellow hard hat and playing with colorful pearls, full of energy and joy, the picture is on a black background.

DALL·E 2 gave him the picture below.


The logo is now on the homepage of his project.Of course, the final product is not obtained at one time, and has been adjusted many times in the middle. For details, seehis articles

Another developer trying to generate a blog postillustration. He has an introductory article on Docker containers with the illustration description “a blue whale with stacks of containers on its back” and the model gives the image below.


The article on data flow operations in the Go language, the picture description is “a fluffy blue gopher, programming on multiple monitors”, and the picture below is obtained.


As can be seen from the above example,For individual developers and small businesses, this tool is literally a free designer from the sky.

It’s useful even for big companies that actually have designers.Someone took the picture it generated “Astronauts ride on the moon” on Twitteraskartist:”If you were asked to draw the picture below, how long would it take?


The average answer was 5.25 hours, while the DALL·E 2 actually took only 22 seconds. this means,AI can save 99.9% of designer time! The time saved can be used in other areas to create greater value for the company.

In fact, the most economical way is that the designer is responsible for communicating with the client (or project manager), figuring out what design the other party wants, and then entering the requirements into the software to let DALL·E 2 generate the actual work, and at most do some manual work ‘s repair.

Speaking of which, everyone should have seen that DALL·E 2 can partially replace designers. It’s faster and cheaper than designers, and it does the actual work, which is likely to reduce the need for designers to recruit, and it may also lower designers’ salaries.

Pessimistic friends may think this is another example of artificial intelligence taking jobs. This idea is not wrong,But from the opposite perspective, this is precisely the opportunity presented by artificial intelligence.

Projects that could not afford designers in the past can now have design resources; projects that used to only have a design fee of 5,000 yuan can now save this money and have multiple designs to choose from. This is the opportunity that artificial intelligence creates for everyone.

We shouldn’t think about competing with artificial intelligence, the outcome must be pessimistic,Instead, see AI as an opportunity to amplify your capabilities and expand your results.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and it’s not just designers: GitHub’s Copilot software automatically generates code (replacing programmers), OpenAI’s GPT-3 model generates text (replacing writers), and Deepmind’s Alphafold model generates Predicting protein structures (replacing biochemists)…and they are also evolving at an extremely fast rate, getting “smarter” every day.

In my opinion, the rational attitude is not to challenge or deny artificial intelligence, to fantasize that humans are better than them, or to feel anxious and hopeless. The only viable option is to see them as an opportunity. They are better and more worthwhile tools to learn and use. We should take the initiative to understand these models, adapt to them, use them, and turn them into our own productivity as soon as possible.

If I were a designer, I’d learn to use DALL·E 2 now and see how to get the most out of it. After all, if this model will be successful, it must be inseparable from the people who promote and operate it. The opportunity may be here. Rather than leaving it to others, it is better to take it in your own hands earlier.

Rare Earth Developer Conference Information

end of last month,Rare Earth Nuggets Communitydid itThe second developer conference

The weekly has issued a preview of the event, and I hope everyone can sign up to watch the live broadcast.Because they invited this timeA lot of people18 technical sessions and nearly 100 speeches were lined up in two days.


I also watched it online that day. Here are a few more impressive speeches, their videos and PPT are now online.


First of all, the morning of the opening ceremony was a speech by You Yuxi, the founder of Vue.js.

He made two main points. The first point is some of the shortcomings of the React Hooks way of writing, how other frameworks (including Vue.js) overcome.

The second point is more interesting. He mentioned,The framework gradually becomes a “middle layer”.

The upper layer of the framework is some full-stack frameworks (such as Next.js and Nuxt), which connect the front and back ends. The lower layer is some binary tools (below), which are not written in JS, but mainly implemented in native compiled languages.


Therefore, in the future, front-end frameworks may develop towards “middle-tier tools”.


Another nice talk, from a Microsoft engineer,according to The maintainer of Ao Xiaojian.


He talks about a common concern of Java developers:Cloud tools such as microservices + containers + serverless are eroding the market for large-scale Java systemsthen how should Java and Spring frameworks face the challenges of cloud native?

There are also two interesting presentations. (1) Chen Manyan, the product manager of Feishu, introduced how to manage a team of 300 people to make Feishu this product. (2) Chen Xu, engineer of ZTE, introduced the algorithm implementation of visual multi-person real-time editing.


Now,All speech videosAll are online, on the official website of the Rare Earth Developers Conference.

The PPTs of these speeches are free to download, and there are a total of 78 files, including the ones I mentioned above.The official made these PPTs into a complete Nuggets bookletto save everyone downloading one by one.


Click hereOr scan the QR code, you can read these PPTs for free, it requires a Nuggets account.In addition, there are many official gifts, and friends who read the booklet will have the opportunity to draw a lottery. For details, seeSweepstakes Instructions

I will mention by the way,“Nuggets Booklet”In fact, it is a good channel for knowledge realization. If you have knowledge worth sharing and are willing to write a systematic booklet, you can apply to be listed on their official website. You set your own price. If you write well, the official will help you promote it. Interested friends can try it out.

Technology trends

1、Metro power cut

Due to the high temperature and power cuts, the Chongqing Metro briefly turned off the lighting of the stations and carriages, and there was a peculiar scene of riding the subway in the dim light.



The LED displays at both ends of the car are still on, making the whole car glow red, giving people a “cyberpunk” feeling.


These photos reflect the dependence of modern society on energy. Reminds us of what a city can be like when there is a shortage of energy.


2、Visible Light Communication for IoT

How do household appliances connect to mobile phones? The current solutions are all built-in Bluetooth or WiFi appliances, which greatly increases the cost and complexity.

A British start-up company has proposed a visible light communication solution. Home appliances are equipped with LED light-emitting diodes, which constantly flash and emit information.


The phone uses the camera to receive the light signal and interpret it. It is claimed that the transfer rate can reach 1.5kb/sec at a distance of 5cm.


However, it is difficult for household appliances to receive mobile phone signals. It allows home appliances to receive flashes from a phone’s flash, the company said, without giving details. Netizens speculate that the electrical end may need an infrared receiver to sense visible light.


3、The thinnest mechanical watch in the world

A Swiss luxury watch brand has launched the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, only 1.75mm thick.



It is an engineering marvel, with a complex internal structure, the various parts are extremely thin, and it also includes the case and sapphire crystal surface.



On its dial, the time display area is actually very small, occupying only about one-sixth of the space, in the upper center.


The upper left and lower left corners of the dial are the rotary operation buttons. The upper right corner is the exposed balance wheel, and the lower right corner is the partner Ferrari Logo.

Its price is also sky-high, as high as $1.888 million, and it is limited to 150 pieces worldwide.

4、square display

LG recently released a 16:18 monitor.


The aspect ratio of ordinary monitors is generally 16:9, so this monitor is equivalent to two ordinary monitors stacked on top of each other.

Such near-square displays are now more and more Ezio One has also been released. The advantage of a square display is that the upper and lower parts can open two applications at the same time, and both can be fully displayed.


And, for graphics and video processing, it also has a larger display area. Both horizontal and vertical screen videos can be displayed in the largest area.


Its price will be more expensive than ordinary monitors, it depends on whether consumers can accept it.


1、Interview with Jiang Shangyi(Chinese)


Jiang Shangyi (1946-) served as the co-operating officer of TSMC, and later came to the mainland and served as the vice chairman of SMIC.

In March of this year, he accepted an exclusive interview with the “Computer History Museum” in the United States to review his semiconductor career. The content is good, it is worth reading, you can understand the semiconductor industry and TSMC.

2、DuckDuckGo Post Email(Chinese)


DuckDuckGo has started to open the mailbox for free to all users. This is an email forwarding service that strips the tracking code from emails. If you want to register, you need to install its browser extension first.

3、Electric wheelchair as computer chair(Chinese)


The author explores a possibility, can electric wheelchairs be used to replace computer chairs?

4、Why Apple will definitely release an ARM-based Mac(English)

In a 2014 article, the author correctly predicted that Mac computers would switch to ARM-based CPUs, and the analysis was well-founded and insightful.

5、How to Build a Blog with Next.js(English)


A tutorial on how to blog on Vercel Free Space with Next.js.

6、Node.js Performance Differences: CJS vs ESM(English)

This is an issue in the official Node.js repository. It has been found that Node.js processes CJS modules 10 times faster than ESM modules, and Node 18 is not as performant as Node 16.

7、Tauri vs Electron: A Comparison of Real Projects(English)


Electron is currently the preferred development framework for cross-platform desktop software, and Tauri is a recent alternative that tries to solve the biggest pain point of the former: bulky and high resource usage.

The author purposely wrote a desktop application in Tauri. This article is his experience in use, as well as a comprehensive comparison of the two.

8、103 status code: loading prompt(English)


The Chrome browser has added the 103 status code of the HTTP protocol, which means “early hints”, which means that the browser can preload a resource to replace the offline HTTP/2.server pushFunction.




A tool for writing HTML emails. It provides a set of mail components and can transcode these components into HTML can try it PlayGround



An open source website status monitoring service, it uses GitHub Actions to query whether the website is online every five minutes, submit the response time to the Git repository every six hours, and generate a website (above) for users to monitor the website status.



A personal blog system that supports many functions, deployed with Docker, with a management background, a static page in the foreground, and an automatic HTTPS certificate. (@Mereithhh post)



Web management interface for SVN source code repository, developed using PHP. (@witersen post)


This tool can turn a GitHub Issue into a static blog, with content and comments stored in the issue. Blogs are developed using next.js and can be automatically deployed to Vercel or GitHub Pages. (@qianxi0410 post)



A web tool that can automatically cut out images, replace background colors or background images, and do it completely locally without uploading to the server. (@PearOCR post)

7、listen to podcasts together


An open source website that supports multiple people to listen to podcasts together, and supports Xiao Universe and Apple Podcast China podcasts. (@yenche123 post)



A video library based on Tencent FFCreator Wrapped front-end video player and editor components. (@milkliker post)


A lightweight Java application development framework with low resource footprint and supports migration from Spring Boot. (@noear post)



A GitHub/GitLab alternative for self-hosting Git repositories.


1、Microservice Framework CloudWeGo Technology Salon

Last week, I introduced the byte microservice framework to you CloudWeGowhich supports the byte internal100,000+ microservices and 10 million container instanceshas been completely open sourced for external use, and the inside and outside are the same set of code.


The CloudWeGo team will hold the ByteDance Technology Salon at 2 pm tomorrow (August 27),Background architecture of live sharing byte-based applications(for exampleFeishu’s Architecture), and how to quickly build enterprise-level microservice applications.Students who have not registered can hurry upSign upand have a chance to win a lot of gifts prepared by the conference team.

In addition, this framework is written in Go. The CloudWeGo team is not satisfied with this and wants better performance, so they tried to developThe first Rust language RPC framework in Chinawill also be released on the spot, welcome to pay attention.


1、Intentional query


Tsinghua University has launched a search engine to search for relevant poems based on keywords.For example, searching for “depressed” will return various sentences related to depression, seeIntroductory article

another Chinesesynonym search engine

2、Bing wallpaper


Weekly introduced a crawl Bing daily wallpaper GitHub Actions templates, the author now makes it a static website, you can browse and download wallpapers online, and update it daily. (@niumoo post)

3、Audio Blog Code Hero


An audio podcast crafted by Red Hat. “Linux China” was authorized to translate the text to bring it to domestic developers. Unfortunately,English versionIt has been updated to the ninth season, and the Chinese translation has only reached the fourth season. (@CherryLover post)

4、Bunny Fonts


A replacement for Google Web Fonts, equivalent to unofficial mirrors, and also avoid leaking user information to Google.


1、50 dollar bill

The picture below is a $50 bill under a microscope.


It can be seen that in order to prevent counterfeiting, the banknotes have blue security fibers added to the red shading. In addition, the blue fiber forms two five-pointed star patterns, and the five-pointed star in the upper right corner also has the microcosm of “USA FIFTY”.

2、living vending machine

I saw a man on the Shanghai subway with two lines of words on his transparent satchel.


I couldn’t help being curious, took out the telephoto of my mobile phone, and finally saw it clearly: “Available items, prices are negotiable”. Is this a living vending machine?



When snow falls into a channel that is freezing but not yet frozen, a mixture of snow and water called snezhura is formed.

This kind of sight is very rare, and the following is a photo of the slush in St. Petersburg.




1、Premium mugshot service

Many job search websites and social networking sites require uploading real-life avatars.

Having an impressive headshot will greatly increase your network and chances of success. To meet this demand, an advanced photo-taking service is emerging in the United States.

More and more professional photographers are finding that people are willing to pay a premium for a good-looking portrait. They started taking pictures of themselves.


These professional mug shots are very expensive, with the cheapest costing over $200 a piece. If you want to take more than one shot at a time, it will cost thousands of dollars.

Some photographers also bring their own hair stylist and makeup artist to do your hair and makeup for you. In that case, a headshot would cost $1,000 or $2,000.




Now, taking profile photos for Internet use has become a lucrative new industry in the United States.

But research shows that the money is worth it. If the photo is attractive, your LinkedIn page will get a lot more views. Pages with avatars get 21 times as many views and 9 times as many friend requests as pages without avatars.

On the other hand, if your avatar does not match the image in the boss’s mind, it will reduce the probability of you getting an offer.



If you really want to do a project, the sooner you start, the better. Get valuable results early and you’ll attract clients; if it doesn’t work, you can give up early, save yourself time, and learn what’s not going to work.

“Don’t Build Your Own Frames”


If your travel is only by car/train/airplane, it may be hard to appreciate how rich the world you see on a bike is. Generally, when you cycle, you don’t choose to pass one dreary transportation hub after another, but instead follow ancient routes that have connected people’s lives, histories and landscapes for thousands of years.

Hacker News readers


When I was younger, I was really annoyed by product managers who always asked me to estimate the duration of tasks that were never done.

Now I realize that product managers really need to put a date in the calendar so they have something to say. Also, my own numbers are at least a bit more accurate than their random numbers.

Hacker News readers


Now it is too difficult to make money by developing mobile apps. The market is completely different, and customers are tired of downloading more apps, let alone paying for them.

Hacker News readers


Any one person is the end result of a chain of biological reproduction that has existed for 4 billion years. In 4 billion years, the reproduction of each link of this chain has not failed, and you have been born.

Hacker News readers

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Domestic software FlowUs Provide personal column service (seeWeekly column), which integrates “document + table + network disk”, which is suitable for various purposes such as knowledge base, data management, and file storage.



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