June 6, 2023
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Tech Enthusiast Weekly (Issue 250): The Biggest Risks of New Technology

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India’s first Apple Store will open in Mumbai on April 18. According to reports, Apple hopes that India can become its second largest international market and produce 25% of iPhones. (via

Topic of the Week: The Biggest Risks of New Technology

In the past few days, I have read three articles, all of which areEngineers regret using new technology.

first article“Why We Abandoned the Elm Language”


(To explain, the original text is in English. For the convenience of display, I converted the screenshot into Chinese with the “Translate” function.)

part twoGraphQL: From Excitement to Disillusionment


Part Three“Why I regret using ionic”


The above three new technologies were born in the last 10 years.At the time, both claimed to have solved a major development problem and looked promising. Therefore, it became a hot topic as soon as it was born, and it was very eye-catching, and these engineers all adopted it.

Let me talk about the advantages of these technologies.

Elm languageEnsure that web scripts no longer report errors.

GraphQL Only one request is sent to meet all the data requirements of the front end.

ionic Allows you to use any JS framework to develop Android and Apple mobile applications.

If you are a front-end engineer, once you see these technical features, you will probably be moved immediately.

However, when you really use them in a production environment, various problems will slowly be exposed. After a few years, you may regret it just like the author of the above article.

Elm: The latest update is in 2019, and it is getting more and more difficult to integrate with the current JS ecosystem.

GraphQL: The performance improvement after use is not obvious, but the background architecture becomes complicated, and problems such as paging and caching are very troublesome.

ionic: Insufficient documentation and confusion, no community and ecology.

When you regret it and want to change the technology stack, it will be too late. It is easy to get on the car, but difficult to get off the car. The project has been invested for several years, and it is not easy to modify the structure.

The lesson of this incident is to be cautious when using new technologies. New technologies have one of the greatest risks, often overlooked,That is, they are not used enough that the problems are not exposed.

I remember that someone has done research, and only 20% of the cost of enterprise software is the early development cost, and the remaining 80% is the later maintenance and update cost.

Many new technologies seem to save the first 20% of development costs, but may greatly increase the latter 80% of maintenance costs.

In real life, so many companies choose Java instead of those fashionable and fancy new technologies. Here is the reason: Java is tested, there will be no strange problems, good long-term maintenance, and the risks and costs of long-term use by enterprises relatively low.

If developers really think about themselves and want to simplify the future and not have to worry about complex and strange technical issues every day, they should give priority to those reliable old technologies for the company’s long-term projects.

The problem with old technology is that it’s tedious: All possibilities have been explored, and there is not much room for creativity. Many programmers (especially new programmers) therefore feel that old technologies cannot demonstrate technical capabilities and are not fun enough. New technologies are more fun and can improve themselves more.

This idea is correct, but only if your project does not need long-term maintenance, otherwise it is very risky to use untested new technologies.

Summer Internship Application

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In the future, the weekly magazine will publish more internship and employment news. You can pay more attention to it. I wish you a smooth job search.

Technology dynamics

1、The world’s largest spokeless ferris wheel

South Korea announced that it will build the world’s largest spokeless ferris wheel in the capital Seoul.



The Spokeless Ferris Wheel has no central axis and looks like a giant ring. The ring itself does not rotate, but the passenger cabins advance along the track on the ring.


The planned Ferris wheel in South Korea has a diameter of 180 meters and a total of 36 passenger compartments, each accommodating 25 tourists.


2、AI group photo

An American artist used AI to generate “smiling photos” of various people at different times and places in human history.



These characters all face the camera one by one, posing with “perfect” smiles, looking very natural.



These photos are all fictitious, but show a very practical use of AI, which is to generate group photos. We can provide our group photos to AI first, and modify the smiles of everyone in the photos to make everyone laugh vividly.

3、Offshore photovoltaic platform

China’s first floating semi-submersible photovoltaic power generation platform was recently delivered in Yantai waters.


This platform is composed of 4 huge photovoltaic panels, each of which is close to the size of a basketball court, with a total area of ​​1900 square meters and a peak power generation of 400kw.


It floats on the water and generates solar power. As the places where photovoltaic panels can be laid on land continue to decrease, there will be more and more such ocean photovoltaic platforms in the future.

4、perennial rice

Rice is the most important food crop in the world, half of the world’s people rely on it as staple food.


An important disadvantage of rice is that it needs to be sown every year, and it must be sown again after harvesting, which is a huge burden on farmers and land.

For years, scientists around the world have been studying “perennial rice,” which needs to be sown only once to grow for many years and re-ear the following year after harvest.

According to foreign media reports, American scientists have crossed a Thai rice with a particularly hardy African wild rice and found three perennial varieties, which are undergoing field experiments. The new varieties are now in their fourth year and are said to hold promise.


1、prompt writing guide(English)


How to write the prompt (prompt) of generative AI? This article is a tutorial, teaching you step by step with examples.

It’s aimed at the BoostPixels engine, but it’s a good reference.This article is a detailed version, and there is anothershort versionyou can look at the latter first.

2、LLM (Large Language Model) Quick Start Guide(English)


This article briefly demonstrates how to use LLM to quickly complete several common tasks, which is very useful.

3、How to insert external web pages safely(English)


The author uses the<iframe>Insert untrusted external web pages. This article describes how to stay safe.

4、 HTML emails are no longer required<table>(English)


To write an email, you used to use<table>Labels for typesetting. With the adoption of the Edge engine in Windows Outlook, this is really no longer necessary.

5、Comparison of Asciidoc and Markdown(English)


Asciidoc is a writing format for text documents, especially suitable for writing books. The author of this article compares it with Markdown, talks about the advantages of this format, and the existing problems.

6、Parameter passing of Bash script Shebang line(English)

The first line of a Bash script often starts with#!At the beginning, called a shebang line, is used to specify the script executor. So, can parameters be written in this line?

7、The Evolution of Twitter Architecture(English)


What is the background structure of the Twitter website? The author made a simple collation and review.

8、18 Unsolved Mysteries of Physics(English)


This article briefly introduces 18 basic questions that physicists have not been able to answer so far, all of which are related to the universe, space-time, and particles.


1、Alfred Home Security


A mobile app that turns your old mobile phone into a surveillance camera works well, but it’s a paid software.Plus free software Live-Reporter and Haven can also be considered.



A graphical web management software for AI prompt words, which automatically translates Chinese input into English, and manages the prompt words by category and label. (@xcuyao post)

3、Anonymous Chat Room


An open source web chat software, which can conduct text and voice chat, and supports voice recording. (@velor2012 post)



A tool that uses AI to automatically generate SQL statements and supports a variety of databases. Users need to provide a “table structure” and describe what data they want in natural language. (@Benxzz post)



A Python library that converts Pandas data frames (DataFrame) into Tableau-style data visualization interactive interfaces. (@jojocys post)

6、Domain Admin


An open source SSL certificate monitoring platform, which automatically sends email reminders when the certificate expires, and supports Docker deployment. (@moudai post)



A Node.js crawler library with flexible usage and many functions, built-in puppeteer. (@coder-hxl post)


The command line tool can unpack various container formats and view the contents inside. More than 30 container formats are currently supported.



The unofficial UI of ChatGPT has been optimized a lot, and the feature is that it supports microphone voice input without manual typing.

10、CLI Co-Pilot

Bash commands are automatically generated. You describe the desired operation on the command line, and it returns the corresponding command through OpenAI and executes it.Similar software also AI Shell



This tool is used for remote interviews. It will automatically convert the interviewer’s questions into text (Whisper model), pass them to OpenAI, and then display the results on your screen.


1、Java programming tutorial


This website is a teaching plan (in English) from a teacher at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, the main content is Java programming for freshmen.



This website collects various security-related software tools, and there are currently more than 600 in total.

3、Wonders of Street View


This site collects all kinds of strange images from Google Street View and displays them randomly.



This site collects online tools that can be used without registration.



The EU’s newly launched official European public DNS website.


1、Refrigerators and Freezers

Ordinary refrigerators open vertically.


The freezer opens horizontally.


Who is more efficient at cooling?

The answer is a freezer that opens horizontally. Because the cold air is relatively heavy, it will sink to the bottom of the space. When the refrigerator door is opened, the cold air escapes, but when the freezer door is opened, the cold air remains in the freezer.

A netizen said that the power consumption of his refrigerator is 10 to 20 times that of the freezer.

2、if born in a slum

Most people cannot escape the circumstances of their birth.

If those top rich people were born in the slums, would they still have the life they have now?

An Indian artist has used AI to generate imaginary photos of some of the world’s richest people living in slums.





1、Nest’s approach to product development

In 2014, Google acquired Nest, a brand of home smart devices.


The company’s development process is unusual, starting with the press release and the box, followed by product development.

“When you write a press release, you think about which features are newsworthy and which ones are really important,” said founder Tony Fadell.


Because the average person reads a press release, it takes at most 30 seconds. If within 30 seconds, he is not interested, he will ignore your product. So, you have to make sure that the most newsworthy and engaging parts of the product are presented in the press release.

It’s as if you take the same elevator with the investor, from the 1st floor to the 14th floor, and you only have this little time to talk to him. Every sentence has to be well thought out in order to arouse the interest of investors.

Once you have the right press release, you know which features to focus on.

Then, to further appeal to the public, Fadell went back to designing the packaging. “The packaging defines the product. The physical constraints of the box force you to think about how these functions should be presented,” he said.


Along the way, you refine your idea until you distill the essence of your product into something you can pick up off the shelf and buy.

Finally, after determining the function and shape of the product, the actual product can be developed.



Entrepreneurs talking about their successes are like saying, “I’ve won the lottery with these numbers.”

twitter user


I added the title “AI prompt engineer” to my online resume and got an interview invite within an hour.

“Prompt engineer” is currently a field with many opportunities but few restrictions, and it is also a skill with a low acquisition cost, why not add it?

Reddit users


Someone asked a writer if he could sum up his successful experience in one sentence.

The author said: “All I can tell you is to start writing and keep writing. Because I know it will work.”



One of the risks with AI is that power will be concentrated in those who build the AI ​​models, whose decisions will affect the world.

“AI Subverts the World”

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