June 4, 2023
Tech Enthusiast Weekly Issue 245 Skyscrapers are against humanity

Tech Enthusiast Weekly (Issue 245): Skyscrapers are against humanity

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In the Taihang Mountain Scenic Area in Anyang, Henan Province, a steel spiral staircase with a height of 88 meters was installed near the top of the mountain. Because it is climbing in a spiral in mid-air, according to tourists, it is very uncomfortable and feels frightening. (via

Topic of the week: Skyscrapers are against humanity

Last Thursday (March 2) night, a 42-story skyscraper in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kongcatch fire, like a pillar of fire. The fire was intense, but luckily the building was being remodeled and no one was injured.




This news can’t help but remind me of a point I’ve always wanted to say:Skyscrapers (that is, supertall buildings) have many disadvantages and should not be promoted at all.

China is a veritable “kingdom of skyscrapers”,According to relevant statisticsChina has more skyscrapers than the rest of the world combined.


Every city in China, big or small, is keen to build skyscrapers. This is for a number of reasons.

(1) The price of super high-rise buildings is higher than that of ordinary buildings, and the area for sale is larger. Real estate developers can earn high profits.

(2) Super high-rise buildings bring a lot of investment, which is conducive to fiscal revenue and city popularity, and the government supports construction.

(3) Super high-rise buildings can quickly change the old appearance of the city and drive the transformation of old districts, and citizens often welcome it.

However, few people mention the fatal flaw of skyscrapers:It is not livable at all, causing many environmental problems, economic problems, social problems.

Professor Isaac Meir of Israel (below right) once wrotearticleto systematically summarize the various shortcomings of skyscrapers, and I will quote his article below.


(1) Huge energy consumption. A skyscraper is often an all-glass steel frame structure, which means it’s a large greenhouse.

On sunny days, solar radiation makes the interior of the building retain a huge amount of heat. Add to that the sheer amount of people, electrical equipment, and lighting inside, which generates an alarming amount of heat.

Therefore, skyscrapers must be equipped with large air conditioners to remove heat. It consumes much more energy per square meter than ordinary high-rise buildings.

Changing to a double-glazed exterior would greatly reduce cooling and heating needs (because of the extra layer of air insulation), but would increase construction costs, as well as the building’s footprint.

On the other hand, fully enclosed skyscrapers need to be ventilated to the outside world to maintain clean air inside, which is also very energy-intensive.

(2) Environmental costs. When a super high-rise building encounters wind, it will generate high-speed downdraft, which will generate strong wind on the ground, causing pedestrians to suffer greatly. Therefore, there is often a large open space with few pedestrians under the skyscrapers, which cannot form a lively neighborhood.

On the other hand, the higher the building, the greater the wind speed on the upper part and the lower the air temperature. Therefore, skyscrapers are not suitable for having balconies, and even if they do, they are often unusable and even dangerous.

In addition, the glass curtain walls of skyscrapers can create huge sunlight reflections, causing light pollution.

(3) Engineering problems. The construction cost of a 300-meter-high building is much higher than that of ten 30-meter buildings, because many unnecessary engineering problems have to be solved.

  • How deep must the foundation be dug to support such a tall building?
  • How big do sewage pipes need to be to hold the sewage produced by thousands of people?
  • How big does the water pump need to be to generate enough water pressure to ensure water supply above the 60th or 70th floor?

(4) Potential safety hazards. If an emergency occurs and the elevator cannot be used, how can people on the upper floors be evacuated to the ground quickly?

(5) Social issues. Residents of super high-rise buildings must take the elevator to go out, and there is often no place to go downstairs within walking distance, so they can only choose to drive from the basement. This will make it difficult for people to go out, which is not good for health and social interaction.

In real life, elderly people living in high-rise buildings often become socially isolated, resulting in a reduced quality of life.

The above shortcomings of skyscrapers are completely contrary to the goals of energy-saving cities, green cities, and livable cities. A neighborhood full of skyscrapers is uninhabitable. The Chinese people’s enthusiasm for skyscrapers can really stop.

The central government is clearly aware of this problem and hasissue a decreeprohibiting the construction of buildings exceeding 500 meters, and strictly controlling buildings exceeding 250 meters.

According to me, buildings over 100 meters are too tall, tens of meters is enough, after all, cities are for living, not for display.

Technology dynamics

1、Robot Dog Fashion Show

A recent fashion show in the United States was opened by Boston Dynamics’ robot dog.


They first walked around the stage with music accompaniment. Then, they raise the robotic arm to reveal one of the latest handbags.


Finally, they interact with the human model, using the robotic arm to pull down the model’s shawl, revealing the latest fashion hidden inside.


2、Aspartame and Anxiety

Aspartame is a common sweetener found in many of the foods we eat, such as beverages and chewing gum. Since it does not raise blood sugar, diabetics often choose it as a sugar substitute.


American scientists conducted an experiment in which they fed large amounts of aspartame to mice. It turned out that the mice all showed symptoms of anxiety.

Scientists therefore believe that aspartame may cause anxiety. If you have anxiety symptoms, it is recommended to eat less sweets.

3、desk sensor

A research center at Northeastern University in the United States found that thermal sensors were installed under desks to sense whether someone was using the desk and when.


Because these desks are mainly used by graduate students, it has sparked outrage. The students believed that the research center was monitoring them, surreptitiously examining workload and attendance.

The students removed all the sensors and wrote an open letter to the school demanding an explanation.


The research center said that this is to count the utilization rate of office facilities and avoid waste.

4、remote transmission touch

South Korean researchers have created a skin patch that can transmit the sense of touch remotely.


It uses Bluetooth transmission, which can transmit the touch feeling of one user to another user, and the patch will simulate the vibration and texture of the same pattern.

The picture below shows a user stroking his pet dog, and he transmits the feeling of stroking to another user through the air.


This kind of patch can be used in AR/XR equipment to make the virtual world have a real sense of touch.


1、Games invented by ChatGPT(English)


The author asked ChatGPT to invent a small game, which not only did it, but also gaveweb page implementationcan be played directly.

2、Qualcomm wants to replace eSIM with iSIM(English)


An eSIM is a separate chip that replaces a physical SIM card. Qualcomm is now building it into the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, dubbed iSIM.

3、How should React Native be used?(English)


The author talked about the experience of using React Native in their company, and thinks that the traditional usage is wrong, and it is best to use it only as a WebView container.

4、How to store state in URL(English)

The entire state of the web application is stored in the URL. The author introduces the benefits of doing so, as well as the specific approach.

5、Basic concepts of assembly language(English)


This article uses relatively popular language to introduce some basic concepts of assembly language to beginners.

6、small team(English)

This article collects some examples where the team is small, but the company’s valuation is high.

7、ARM History: The First ARM Chip(English)


This article introduces how ARM was born in detail, and friends who are interested in chips can read it.

8、CTE function of SQL(English)

This short article introduces a small skill CTE of SQL, which is suitable for replacing the content of the table, such as addingCNreplace withChina




A set of color matching themes, characterized by soft and colorful colors, not too bright and not too dark, adapted to various major application software.



In a distributed Android application store, publishing an application means setting up a server, putting the application on it, and it will be indexed globally within an hour. Its advantage is that no one can take down your app.

3、Astro Water Blog


An Astro-based static blog generator, check out Demo。(@austin2035 post)


A small command line tool for managing and switching npm warehouse addresses, similar tools are also prm-cli。(@hqzh post)


A React component for animation effects of webpage pictures, the effects are written by OpenGL ES and executed on GPU. (@csj5588 post)



This website can test the speed of your machine pinging Amazon cloud servers around the world.



Graphical interface for the debugging tool gdb.

8、AI for interior decoration


You upload a room photo on this website, and then choose a decoration style, and AI will modify the room to this style of decoration. Although the generation effect is not good, the idea is advisable.



A command-line tool that generates a QR code and can share local files to mobile phones in the LAN.



An open source podcast website program, you can set up a personal podcast website.


1、World Internet Infrastructure Map


This website can view the locations of backbone fiber optic lines and computer rooms around the world.

2、List of JavaScript engines

This page does a non-exhaustive list of JavaScript engines. The most famous ones are of course the following three, and there are more than 40 kinds of engines.

  • Chrome V8
  • Safari 的 JavaScriptCore
  • Firefox 的 SpiderMonkey

3、Dash Dash


This website reformats and formats the Linux documentation (man documentation) for easy finding and reading.



Artificial intelligence engine, you ask it a question, it tells you the answer, supports Chinese.

free music search engine

Where can I find copyright-free music material?

pixabay It was originally a free image search engine, and now it also provides free music and video downloads, which can be used for commercial purposes and are suitable as background music and material for videos.


Here are some other download engines for free music.


1、world’s first mouse

The mouse was invented along with the graphical interface.

In 1964, engineers at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center wanted a tool that could move the cursor freely on a graphical interface, so they invented the mouse.

The first mouse was a wooden case with a circuit board and two metal wheels that came into contact with the desktop.



It has a wire trailing behind it that looks like a tail, and its inventors called it a mouse.

The first official mouse product was manufactured in 1967, and the product was presented to the world the following year.


2、Underwater Photography Awards 2023

The UK’s Underwater Photography Competition 2023 has recently announced the winners, and it’s packed full of memorable photos.

An endangered pink river dolphin pokes its nose out of the Amazon River at sunset.


The big trunk of a Thai elephant drinking from a river.


A wide-eyed tropical fish.



1、pressure test

A few years ago, I interviewed for IBM and had a special test that I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

On the day of the interview, more than 20 interviewees came to the IBM office to accept various tests. The interviewer said there was going to be a “group test” and we were taken into a room in groups of about 8 and asked to work together on a puzzle.

We were all given a piece of paper with information about the problem, which was different for everyone, a whiteboard, and a 60-minute timer.

At first, we all looked at the paper and there was silence. Then, someone said, “Let’s pool the information,” standing by the whiteboard, holding a marker. Everyone is silent, not sure how to analyze the information they have obtained.


One begins to read verbatim the information he has been given. After a while, someone interrupted him. Not long after, the person in charge of writing the whiteboard was removed, another person grabbed the marker, and someone stood up to fight for the marker.

As the minutes passed and we still hadn’t made any progress, everyone started to feel anxious.

60 minutes are up and the problem is still not resolved. Confused and exhausted we headed to the next test.

After the day’s interview was over, everyone was divided into two rooms. The room I was in received good news and passed today’s interview.

Six months later, I met a colleague who “tested in groups”. I asked him if he had ever seen a group do this kind of test?

“Oh, that one wasn’t a test to see if the problem was solved, it was a stress test to see who became misbehaved under stress. Those who misbehaved didn’t make it to the next round,” he said.



People are shaped by their experiences and the circumstances in which they live. It’s impossible to change a person quickly without something crazy happening.

“From the Hardest to Shape”


A major source, or one of the sources, of fanaticism and intolerance is the belief that some people’s religion is the ultimate truth, more true than others.

It is one of the human tragedies that it is easier to be arrogant than humble.

“Fever and Pride”


Life is too short to spend on things that aren’t worth reading.

Even if you are a book lover, you can read at most 15,000 books by the age of 70, which is only 0.04% of the 38 million books in the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world.

There are actually very few books that we can read in our lives. Therefore, the key skill is not to read more, but to skip what is not worth reading.

Hacker News Reader


Some fields change so quickly that blogs are sometimes the only source of information until someone writes a book. People are already blogging the day after the Stable diffusion model, books will never be that fast.

Also, blogs tend to be free, while books and papers are locked behind paywalls. So you can think of blogs as inspiration and books as knowledge.

Hacker News Reader


The original idea of ​​Bitcoin was just to present an interesting experiment in decentralization, but when someone found out that there was a way to profit from it, things went sour.

It started out as a bunch of programmers playing crypto games, then someone created a purely for-profit business, and Bitcoin has never been the same.

“Cryptocurrency and the Emperor’s New Clothes”

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