January 28, 2023
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Tech Enthusiast Weekly (Issue 231): How Many Employees Do Internet Companies Need? – Ruan Yifeng’s weblog

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The Qetaifan artificial island under construction in Qatar has the world’s largest water slide at 86 meters. (via

This week’s topic: How many employees does an Internet company need?

Before Musk bought Twitter,let goTo lay off 75% of the staff.


When he really took control of Twitter, he swung his sword and fired 3,700 people in the first weekend. The total number of employees at Twitter is now 7,500, so 50% has actually been laid off.

This leads to a somewhat cruel question:How many employees do Internet companies need?

If Twitter was able to operate normally without 50% or even 75% of its employees, what were those employees doing in the first place? Or is there another possibility, half of the positions are already unoccupied, can the Twitter company still operate normally, will it be over?


Today, I want to talk about this matter. I think,The two dismissal ratios of 50% and 75% were not set by Musk at will.but after calculation, he believes that the company can still operate normally without these employees.

I checked the number of monthly active users (MAU) of Twitter, which is the followingthis histogram


It can be seen that the growth rate of active users is clearly divided into two stages, with 300 million at the end of 2014 as the boundary. It was a high-speed growth before, and then a flat growth.

Twitter doesn’t publish the number of active users anymore, butOutside estimatesStill more than 300 million people,Some informationSaid close to 400 million.

That is to say,The number of users that Twitter employees could support at the end of 2014 is basically the same order of magnitude as it is now.

Canfound outAt the end of 2014, there were 3638 Twitter employees (the red circle in the figure below), which is close to the number of employees after this layoff.


So I guess, Musk decided to lay off half of the staff, referring to the size of the workforce before the end of the rapid growth. This also means that even if Twitter had half its staff, it would still be able to function normally, because there were so many people before.

If we push forward, at the beginning of 2010, Twitter had only 130 employees and 30 million active users. Now, the number of users is more than ten times that of that time, and the number of 130 employees is more than ten times, which is exactly close to 7500 people and 75% of the layoffs. Is this a coincidence?

In fact, even with a 75% layoff, Twitter still has more employees than some other companies. An extreme example is that when Facebook acquired Instagram, the latter had 300 million users but only 13 employees. Telegram has700 million active users, the number of employees is between 500 and 1,000. Whatsapp has 2 billion users,number of employeesThat’s 50 engineers + 55 others.

This tells us,Internet software development does not require many employees, and a capable team of engineers can maintain it.

However, the reality is quite the opposite, every large technology company has a large number of employees. Former CEO of GitHub openly sayIt is a well-known industry secret that technology companies basically have 2 to 10 times redundant staff.


Why do companies hire more workers than they actually need?he isnext tweetgave his own explanation.


He says,As long as the business is making money, it is always easier to hire more people than get rid of low performers. If you have worked in a large company, you know that this sentence is true. Whenever a new technology or business emerges, the company will definitely recruit more new employees, and redundancy is inevitable.

So, don’t feel discouraged because there are more companies that have laid off employees recently. When this wave of adjustment period passes, technology companies will start recruiting a large number of people again, and the number of personnel will definitely expand.

You have to believe that the expansion period of the Internet is far from over, and it will still create a large number of jobs, especially the enterprise Internet and the industrial Internet have just started (seeWeekly Issue 205analysis). You might as well take advantage of this time to calm down and immerse yourself in learning a little new technology, which will definitely come in handy in the future.

Write here, insert a piece of latest news.Musk just posted aphotohe posed for a photo with two Twitter employees who were first fired and then recalled after finding out they had been fired in error, with the caption: “Welcome back, Ligma and Johnson!”


Probably in the mind of the boss, employees are like couriers, who come when they are called and leave when they are called.

Vite and React development practice

The front-end engineer of ByteDance is teaching a Vite + React course, the content is quite good. If you are learning the front end, you can pay attention.

This course explains how to write a VitePress-like static site generator from 0 to 1 using these two popular development tools.


The basic part is free. It teaches you the basics of Vite, builds a development environment, and quickly implements project prototypes.The content includes video explanation + text combing, a total of 4 sections, and the duration is about one hour.

If after listening, you still want to learn and thoroughly learn these two tools, then you can consider buying the latter part.This course is produced by the Nuggets community under Byte, course quality and service are fully guaranteed.Weekly readers still have a discount now, you can use50% off code【Luy5WFUo】(Limited to the first 100), and enjoy the “Double Eleven” full gift event.

clickthis linkor scan the QR code on the poster to learn more about the course and start learning.

Technology dynamics

1、double calculator

A 63-year-old Japanese retired engineer taught himself the Swift language after retirement, and wrote a “dual calculator” mobile app, which is already on the Apple Store, called Twin-Calc.


The feature of this app is that two calculators are displayed side by side (the phone needs to be horizontally screened), and the calculated results will be transferred to another calculator with just one click.


Many people use calculators to calculate intermediate results first, but they don’t know how to save the results temporarily (in fact, press M+). This App solves this problem by passing the intermediate results to another calculator. In addition, it is also convenient to view the calculation process of the previous step.

2、watch out of nightmares

Apple Watch has a software called NightWare, which can help you get rid of nightmares.


Some people are traumatized and have nightmares every night. Now, you can “say goodbye to nightmares and sleep well every night” as long as you fall asleep with your Apple Watch on and turn on the app.

It uses data from heart rate sensors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes to monitor body data in real time, combined with your sleep patterns, to determine whether you are having nightmares.

Once confirmed, the watch emits gradually increasing pulses, gently shaking the wrist until you exit the nightmare without fully waking up. It is currently the only digital cure for nightmares approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

3、jersey QR code

Sports jerseys have player numbers printed on the back to identify who is who. The University of Florida football team recently ditched that practice, switching to QR codes on the back of their jerseys.


During the TV broadcast, viewers can point to the screen, scan the QR code, and they will jump to the player’s homepage, check the player’s profile, leave a message and buy souvenirs. In the future, QR codes may fly all over the stadium.


4、Behind the iPhone Satellite Phone

The satellite phone feature of the iPhone 14, which was recently put into use. Apple’s official website disclosed some behind the scenes details.

For this feature, Apple invested $450 million in satellite communications company Globalstar to update satellites and ground stations.



Currently, a total of 24 low-orbit satellites are responsible for receiving iPhone signals and transmitting signals back to the ground station (above).

Considering that there may be many users, the satellite antennas of the ground stations are particularly enlarged.



There are currently more than 300 people in charge of maintaining ground stations around the world.


1、900MHz band repurposed for 5G systems(Chinese)


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved that the 900MHz frequency band originally used for 2G/3G/4G systems will be reallocated to China Unicom’s 5G system. This report introduces the relevant situation and why 900MHz is the golden frequency band for 5G.

2、Musk argues with employees about RPC(Chinese)

Musk has publicly stated that Twitter is slow because there are more than 1,000 RPC requests. A Twitter employee replied, You are wrong. The two started arguing.


This article (andanother article) Analyze whether Musk is right or not. Unfortunately, Musk has already fired the engineer who argued with him.

3、in css<html>and<body>(English)


If the CSS property is to take effect on the entire page, it can be defined in<html>can also be defined in<body>this article describes the difference between the two.

4、100 bytes of basic CSS settings(English)


The author introduces the basic CSS settings of a web page style line by line, as long as 100 bytes.

5、New features in Node.js 19(English)


This article describes some of the new features introduced in the just-released Node.js.

6、How Xcode 14 increases the size of iOS App(English)


Apple’s latest version of the development tool Xcode 14 has a problem. Using the default settings to package the iOS App will significantly increase the size of the App (increased by more than 30%).

7、What is WebAuthn(English)


This article introduces the WebAuthn standard for account login in a more general way, without involving implementation details, so you can roughly understand what it is.

8、How I Got $70,000 in Google Bonuses(English)


The author found a big bug in Android phones, which can crack the lock screen of any phone, and finally won a $70,000 reward from Google. This article describes the tortuous process of this matter, which Google dragged on for four months to solve.




An AI tool released by Yamaha will automatically sing according to the soundtrack and lyrics, that is to say, there is no need for a singer.

The official currently supports Japanese and English, but domestic companies have developed Chinese voice banks, such as the “Stardust infinity” voice bank.

The following is the Chinese song sung by this software (Station BYoutube), it is impossible to tell that the software is singing.



A free and open source Mac screensaver that plays Apple tvOS screensaver videos on your computer.



A version management tool used internally by Facebook (now called Meta), recentlyopen sourceup. It is compatible with the Git protocol and can replace the command line client of git, which is simpler and more reasonable to use.

4、Draw Things: AI Generation


An iOS App that runs the Stable Diffusion model on an Apple phone (preferably the latest model), generates images based on text descriptions, see author’sHelp article



This is a video editing software. By editing subtitle files, video cutting can be completed. It is suitable for course/lecture video editing. If the video does not have subtitles, they can also be automatically generated. (@jerrylususu post)



An open source blog system for college students, the backend is based on Java’s Spring Boot, the frontend is based on Vue, and it comes with a management background. (@linhaojun857 post)



A free web service that automatically generates slides based on the hierarchy of outline notes. You can choose themes and templates, demonstrate them directly in the browser, or export them to PDF. (@huansixie6rj post)



C language client of intranet penetration tool frp. The original frp client uses the Go language, and the executable file is too large to be installed on the router. It can be implemented in the C language. (@liudf0716 post)



A search engine, characterized by using AI to deal with problems, so you can search for some very strange questions, such as “Is there anyone like Musk in the 19th century”.



An open-source, end-to-end encrypted note-taking service, which ensures that the content is completely private and cannot be cracked even if it is leaked. It has web, desktop, and mobile. You can use the official server, or set up your own server.

11、life report


A WeChat applet (search “Life Report” on WeChat), which transforms the life-stats introduced in the 224th issue of the weekly magazine into a Chinese version. The user enters a birthday and it returns some stats like how many heartbeats and hours of sleep. (@jonsonox post)


1、QUIC Protocol Diagram


Not long ago, the HTTP/3 protocol was officially finalized, basically copying Google’s QUIC protocol. This article uses diagrams to explain in detail the meaning of each step and each byte of QUIC.

2、Effective Shell


A free English e-book explaining the usage of the command line shell.

3、open source face to face


A podcast interview show about open source software. (@LinuxSuRen post)

4、90s mouse effect

This warehouse collects various mouse effects in the 1990s, such as a string of small stars behind the mouse.



There is a kind of eraser in Japan, the shape is a monk with hair, and it becomes a bald head after rubbing.


There is another one, the shape is a boss with hair, which seems a bit malicious.


2、tv watch

In 1982, Seiko Watch of Japan launched a TV watch.

After connecting to the signal receiver, the watch will become a screen and you can watch TV.


Seiko invested millions of dollars to develop this watch, hoping that in the future, everyone will have a portable TV in their pocket.


After the TV watch was released, it caused a sensation and was certified by Guinness as the world’s smallest TV. Even Bond wore this watch in the 1983 007 movie.


It went on sale in the US for $500 in 1983, but there have been no new models since.



1、to build is to live

Author: Kevin Kelly


I grew up in the suburbs of New York, and the city was full of construction sites throughout the year, which bothered me as a teenager.

Every time you enter the city, roads are closed, cranes, cement trucks clog the traffic, jackhammers blare non-stop, streets are dug up, and buildings are being repaired or demolished.


The whole city gives a feeling of noise, destruction and chaos. Moreover, after repairing this building, go to repair that building, never know when it will be completely finished.

So, I’ve always thought that construction sites are terrible things.


As an adult, I have had the opportunity to visit all over the world, including less developed areas.

I have come to realize that a construction site is a sign of the vitality of an area. If a district, a town, or even a building is not getting any upgrades, repairs, and new construction, it means it is dying.

The constant work and hustle and bustle is the pulse of life. The noise of jackhammers is actually the sound of urban metabolism. The presence of construction sites means the area is alive, and the absence means the area is sick.

A place needs constant upgrades and repairs to stay healthy in the long run. Buildings that are never scaffolded for maintenance will eventually be demolished or collapsed. Now, I think building is a sign of prosperity, of metabolic health.

Today, when I see cranes in the street, I feel reassured that this place is alive and healthy. When I see trucks parked on the side of the street and neighborhoods being remodeled and repaired, I feel good.

To build is to live.



When people have conflicts with each other, they go to court. State-to-state conflicts ultimately depend on who is more powerful.

Ray Dalio(Ray Dalio), founder of the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Investments


It is very difficult for one person to be good at the entire technology stack. I recommend that beginners focus on one part of the stack: the front end, or the back end, or the underlying architecture. As you go deeper into your field, you’ll gain the confidence to venture into all areas.

Hacker News Reader


The confusing naming of USB2.0, USB3.0, and USB4.0 should be changed to USB 0.5Gbps, USB 5Gbps, and USB 80Gbps.

Hacker News Reader


The easiest way to raise housing prices is to drive the poor out of neighborhoods and artificially limit housing supply. This is why wealthy communities in the United States are very reluctant to build new public facilities in the community.

noah smith(Noah Smith)


The people I know who don’t know what they’re passionate about don’t try hard enough. They just sit there and wait for career inspiration to strike.

Instead of waiting, they should create and then they will know where their passion lies.

— David Perell

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