March 28, 2023
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[Taiwan’s Towards Smart Healthcare Project 3: Information Integration Challenge]Standardization is the key to the successful integration of pioneer hospitals, and the demand for explosive storage will be a new challenge

If medical AI and telemedicine are the flowers and fruits of smart hospitals, then information integration and IT construction are the nutrients that nurture flowers and fruits. However, the HIS system of Taiwan hospitals has always been dozens, or even a large collection of hundreds of systems. In addition to the various information systems accumulated over the years, it is not easy to do the basic skills of IT infrastructure and information integration. Task. In the past few years, many hospitals have carried out digital transformation and successfully promoted the major transformation of the HIS system. They all found the key to data integration, and their answer was “standardization”. From the successful experience of information integration of several transformation pioneer hospitals, we can see how to maximize the standardization principle and lay the foundation for the development of smart medical care.Chang Gung uses the evaluation standardization process, the three general reorganization data and organization

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