March 27, 2023
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[Taiwan’s Towards Smart Healthcare Project 3: Challenges of Information Integration]Domestic and foreign technology companies have invested in one after another, joining the medical service industry with more mature technology

Taiwan hospitals have always relied heavily on the development of outsourced manufacturers. The information integration of smart medical care requires not only government promotion, but also the technical maturity of manufacturers. For example, international manufacturers have introduced cloud platform services that conform to international medical data exchange standards, which can be used to simplify data exchange and accelerate the creation of intelligent medical services in hospitals. Optimize the data processing process. Fifth Brother Electronics has also entered the medical IT market, providing software, hardware and computing power, and providing one-stop services, including data processing, AI modeling, deployment and maintenance operations, so that hospitals do not have to piece together or build cars from scratch. Microsoft Taiwan introduces compliant medical industry cloud, ASUS targets microservice HIS

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