March 25, 2023
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[Taiwan’s Towards Smart Healthcare Project 2: Normalization of Telemedicine]The diversified development of telemedicine models, three typical practices are gradually taking shape

This year, the telemedicine station took the center stage of the medical world, not only because of the accelerated development of the epidemic, and it has become a must-support service for most hospitals, but also because of the push by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, telemedicine was included in the health insurance benefits last year, and it has been gradually loosened. More regulations to normalize telemedicine. In this Taichung Rongzong International Smart Medical Conference, many hospitals shared the experience and challenges of telemedicine. Among them, there are 3 representative models, pointing out the new models and trends of telemedicine.Mode 1: Dulan Clinic promotes home-based consultations in remote villages, hoping to receive health insurance benefits

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