March 29, 2023
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Taiwan’s medical industry, industry, government and academia join forces to overcome three major issues before moving towards smart healthcare

This year is a critical year for Taiwan to move towards smart medical care, because the first batch of medical software software has been released after the new medical material law was launched, national scientific research resources have also begun to subsidize the smart medical alliance plan, accelerated cross-hospital cooperation, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare has loosened regulations, Overweight to promote telemedicine, and even open electronic medical records to the cloud. In the second half of the year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare also announced that it would prepare to promote the next-generation HIS platform plan and integrate the HIS of Taiwan’s medical centers. Many leading hospitals also took the lead in carrying out another wave of digital transformation. The fifth brother of electronics continued to deepen medical AI and expand medical services. industrial strength. However, to realize smart medical treatment, there are still three major issues to face. At the end of August, Taichung Rongzong held an international smart medical summit, which brought together the core promoters of smart medical care from industry, government and academia, medical AI commercialized payment, new model of telemedicine, and medical information integration, which became the three major topics that all circles focused on.

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