March 28, 2023
feng mian hong hai 960

[Taiwan Information Security Conference: Trends in Talent Demand]In order to protect the information security boundary of the global architecture, Hon Hai is looking for various information security talents

“Our information security border is too long and too large, and the attack is quite fierce.” Chen Mingyong, director of Hon Hai Precision Industry, said frankly at this year’s information security conference. Hon Hai has about 1 million employees worldwide. This is the information security situation facing Hon Hai. Hon Hai Group is divided into 6 major business groups, ABCDES, covering mobile phones, wearable devices, tablet computers, laptops, molds, motors, printers, monitors, TVs, game consoles, robots, semiconductors and other products. Across three continents, we have set up production or service bases in Taiwan, China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico and other places.Exposure to increased risk of attack

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