March 25, 2023
960 li wei bin ciso

[Taiwan Information Security Conference Direct Shot]Li Weibin: Four Ways to Internalize Information Security into Organizational Culture

[Taiwan Information Security Conference Direct]It is difficult for information security managers. Many companies will encounter many problems when promoting information security, ranging from resource allocation, organizational operation, high-level attitude to personnel cooperation, etc. Among them, organizational culture and even corporate culture The invisible key to the success of information security. Li Weibin, the current CEO of Hon Hai Research Institute, recently shared at the “CISO Workshop” at the Taiwan Information Security Conference that for all corporate organizations, organizational culture sounds complicated but it is simple to say. In fact, the word “politics” is enough to encompass it. . However, the “politics” in the enterprise is something that can be done but cannot be said. He hopes to share the past experience with the public through a framework.

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