March 28, 2023
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[Taiwan Information Security Conference Direct Hit]Continue to promote three important tasks, and the maturity of cloud information security is expected to increase steadily

In the past, information security was the biggest concern of many companies when adopting cloud services. However, cloud migration has become the mainstream IT trend. Whether for voluntary or involuntary reasons, more and more enterprises and organizations are now choosing to embrace cloud services. Is it a safer way to use it? To continuously improve cloud security, there are many suggestions in the market. What should we do in practice? At this year’s Taiwan Information Security Conference Cloud Information Security Forum, Su Xuexiang and Lin Dianzhi, senior information security researchers of Aoyi Smart Technology, specially proposed a set of simple and easy-to-understand “cloud information security physical enhancement process”, through a systematic way to guide everyone to understand and improve The basic concept of overall cloud security, and the know-how of practical application is disclosed. Basically, the process consists of three stages: evaluation and quantification, decision and execution, measurement and improvement. The reason why Aoyi Wisdom proposes such a processing method is mainly due to the fact that there is a lot of such information on the market, involving differences in publishing units, content, time, etc., so there are many information security guidelines, which makes people feel at a loss.

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