March 29, 2023
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[Taiwan Information Security Conference Direct Hit: Information Security Talent Trends]Of the nearly 18,000 IT graduates last year, 30% will invest in information security work

What is the supply and demand situation of Taiwan’s information security talent market? Zheng Wei, the co-host of the Information Security Center of Excellence Planning and Construction Program, announced the latest research results of CCoE at the Information Security Conference. About 30% of Taiwan’s graduates in the information field will invest in information security-related work every year. Overall, more than half of Taiwan’s information security talent market The vacancy is for operations and maintenance personnel. More than 5,300 people invest in the field of information security every year, and more than half of the vacancies in information security are operations and maintenance personnel. According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Education, there will be 17,680 graduates in the field of information in 2021. The Center of Excellence in Information Security interviewed teachers in related fields and compared the data on the flow of graduates from the school and departments, and found that about 30% of graduates each year invest in information security-related work.That is to say, about 5,300 graduates will enter the information security talent market in 2021

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