March 25, 2023
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[Taiwan Information Security Conference: Career Experience Sharing]Information security is not only a tool or knowledge, but also has the ability to put it into practice

“When it comes to the professional function of information security, tools and knowledge are dead, and the attitude and adaptability that can really solve problems are alive.” Sun Minggong, chief of 104 Information Technology Information Security, shared his views on the function of information security talents. The importance of the security function is not knowledge, but the ability to adapt and solve the pain points of the enterprise is the key. Sun Minggong said that as an information security person’s destiny, we must constantly pursue new technologies and solutions, and understand new hacker attack methods, but the greater challenge is how to choose, and the key to information security best practices is how Implementation. For example, when implementing zero trust and privilege management in an enterprise, more resources, manpower and costs need to be invested. How information security personnel can use the experience they have learned to help enterprises solve pain points and real urgent problems is a professional at different levels. Sun Minggong believes that the challenges of information security are changing with each passing day. In the traditional information security battlefield, it is necessary to continuously absorb and learn knowledge, but more importantly, this knowledge must be able to be implemented and practiced.

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