March 27, 2023
feng mian zhong an nuo 960

[Taiwan Information Security Conference: Career Experience Sharing]From a liberal arts student to a Europol information security consultant, you can overcome difficulties with 3 beliefs

“I now live in the Netherlands and am the chief analyst of Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, as well as the information security consultant of Europol and a member of the threat intelligence working group of the European Union Cyber ​​Security Agency.” Anna Zhong, who has worked in the field of information security for more than 10 years, so Introduce yourself. Palo Alto Network is an internationally renowned information security company, Europol and the European Union Cyber ​​Security Agency, and an important organization for handling transnational information security information. Playing a key role in these organizations, Anna Zhong admitted frankly that her background has nothing to do with information security at all. I plan to continue like this.” But the journey was not smooth sailing, but full of challenges and setbacks, and it took several stumbles to get to today’s achievements. How does she do it?

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