June 9, 2023
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Taiwan enters the second half of the post-epidemic era

From May 1st, the Central Epidemic Command Center, which coordinates the COVID-19 epidemic in Taiwan, officially announced that it will be dismantled and withdrawn. Ebola virus infection) was changed to the fourth category (such as listeriosis, chickenpox complications, and scrub typhus). After the announcement of the relevant news, it also symbolized that the work and life of Taiwanese people have returned to a normal state. From January 20, 2020 to April 30 this year, under the dispatch of the epidemic command center for nearly 1,200 days, Taiwan finally survived the catastrophe of the century spreading across the world. Due to the appropriate response to the epidemic, the economy will not be severely damaged . After going through this difficult period, I believe everyone has a lot in common, and also realize that many things have completely changed.

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