April 1, 2023
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Tailored retrospectives for teams

Retrospectives help teams continue to improve, even great teams. A team writing financial software holds a retrospective at the end of a two-week iteration. The team takes turns leading the retrospective, and this week it was Dana’s turn to lead. Let’s examine what Dana did in this retrospective. Dana lets the team understand the purpose, focus, and time of the retrospective, and tells the team how the time will be used. She used a simple check-in activity to get everyone to speak up and to get the team to review the work protocols they had established earlier. Dana reviewed the team’s defect data and asked about the incidents and their frustrations. She does this so that everyone can think about the same data, not just what they each perceive. She asks the team to check the facts (deficiency profile) as well as the inner feelings (where they feel frustrated).

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