June 6, 2023

Survey shows that half of Koreans agree not to marry or dink

South Korea disclosed earlier that the total fertility rate in 2022 will be 0.78, the lowest value since relevant statistics began in 1970. The latest data released by Statistics Korea shows South Koreans’ desire to have a low birthrate, but the reasons behind it remain unexplained. Statistics show that only 50% of the Korean population over the age of 13 considered it necessary to get married last year. This means that the remaining half of the population do not think it is necessary to get married, and 58.9% of people aged 10 to 29 think that it is not necessary to have children after marriage. In 2021, the average age of first childbearing for South Korean women of childbearing age will be 32.6 years old, an increase of nearly 5 years from 27.7 years old in 2000. The average population per household is 2.3, a sharp drop of 0.83 compared to 2000.

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