May 28, 2023

Survey: Apple Store is not the first choice for Apple fans to buy iPhones


When you want to buy a new iPhone, what kind of channel will you choose to buy it?

According to the latest US market research agency CIRPinvestigationIt shows that most of the US iPhone users will not choose to buy iPhone in Apple Store, but in telecommunications and online channels (67%). As for the Apple Store, it ranks second (24%), and other channels rank third (5%); as for the third-party retail channel, it is the channel with the least user purchases (4%). “Other channels” includes Walmart, Target, and other independent retailers.

CIRP analysts pointed out that more than 75% of iPhone sales in the United States come from “outside Apple’s retail field.” When you buy products through the channel, it means that many things are out of Apple’s careful control.

Telecom operators or online sales personnel can guide users to purchase peripheral accessories while purchasing products, or add extended warranty services provided by purchase channels, and accessories and extended warranty services do not belong to Apple products.

But why do users prefer to buy iPhones through telecommunication channels instead of consuming them in Apple Stores? The reason why telcos are often the first choice of users is that consumers subconsciously think that they have to go to a telco store to transfer their telco service to a new iPhone, so buying an iPhone through a telco channel can simplify some of the inconvenient process in the middle.

However, consumers’ telecommunication channels to buy iPhones are not without benefits for Apple. The telecommunication companies will be more willing to actively advertise the new iPhone, especially in promotional activities. Apple’s official promotional activities are often more simple, but telecommunication companies can Use more diverse ways to stimulate consumption, such as sending emails, text messages, etc., to target potential iPhone buyers.

(Source of the first picture: Science and Technology News)

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