June 7, 2023
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Survey: A quarter of urine bags in China are unqualified due to insufficient conversion efficiency, overheating, and overcharging- Hong Kong unwire.hk

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation recently conducted spot checks on local mobile chargers, and the results showed that a quarter of the products in the spot checks were substandard, involving problems such as leakage and fire.

The State Administration for Market Regulation recently released the results of a national supervision and random inspection of mobile chargers. Miao Yuchen, director of the Product Spot Inspection Department of the Quality Supervision Department, said that the authorities produced 108 batches of mobile chargers in 9 provinces and cities and 107 enterprises. 16 items such as conversion efficiency, heating requirements, and radio disturbance were tested. The results of spot checks found that 27 batches of products were unqualified, and the unqualified discovery rate was 25%, which involved 5 main problems in conversion efficiency, effective output capacity at room temperature, overheating, overcharging and radio disturbance.

Due to the long charging time of mobile chargers, users often forget to unplug the power supply, which may cause overcharging problems. Therefore, the internal quality of the mobile charger must be reliable to avoid accidents such as fire and explosion caused by overcharging. However, the results of spot checks indicated that 8 batches of mobile chargers failed the overcharging test.

Mobile chargers sold in the market are generally not equipped with adapters. If the adapter used by the user does not support the mobile charger, the internal circuit of the mobile charger may be damaged in the long run. Therefore, only a certain quality of battery components can ensure that the user Safety.

source:Sina Finance

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