June 9, 2023

Surfshark VPN unlimited number of devices year-end discount 84% discount and free 2 months

At the end of the new year, everyone will have new mobile phones and new computers. They want to use VPN on several devices together to achieve perfect network security. In fact, there are many VPN services on the market today that allow users to have unlimited devices. For a monthly fee, your mobile phone, computer, and mobile device can all surf the Internet safely, and your privacy is better protected.introduced this time Surfshark VPN It is one of them. At the end of the year, they have a big discount, 84% off the monthly fee and free 2 months monthly fee.

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Unlimited number of devices to use

Nowadays, there are more and more mobile devices, especially people are getting used to mobile office, using the Wi-Fi in the coffee shop to work anytime, anywhere. If these public Wi-Fis are hacked, the user’s online information and even private data will be clearly seen. In addition to your computer needing a VPN, don’t forget that other mobile devices on your body, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and now the re-popular handheld game consoles, all need information security protection.Surfshark VPN Just like Gadget fans, you can log in with the same Surfshark VPN account no matter how many devices you have.

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VPN ensures mobile office security

The most important thing about a VPN is to allow you to hide your real Internet IP. Your connection will bypass the VPN server before you can connect to the content you browse. You can prevent these websites from tracking your online activities. Moreover, since the data connected to the VPN by the user is encrypted, even if your data is intercepted on public Wi-Fi, criminals still cannot decipher the transmitted content, and work in different places such as coffee shops, schools, libraries, etc. , can be more at ease.

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Rated by Consumer Council as fast speed + high convenience of Android/iOS platform

In order to truly obtain network security, in addition to choosing a VPN service, it is particularly important to choose a reliable, efficient and flexible VPN provider. In the latest Hong Kong Consumer Council report, Surfshark was rated as one of the ultra-fast VPN service providers. After using VPN, the network download speed only dropped by 28% compared to the original. And the report also believes that Surfshark is very convenient to use under different operating systems, especially on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Moreover, Surfshark VPN allows users to connect to VPN on different devices without restriction, even if you buy as many mobile phones and computers as you want, you can use them together. In this year-end and New Year season, invite friends and relatives to get together. With Surfshark VPN, everyone can get network security.

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Moreover, Surfshark VPN has established more than 3,200 servers in 95 countries around the world, providing extremely strong online stability. They also provide additional features such as Surfshark Antivirus, Surfshark Search, Surfshark Alert, etc. to protect users from viruses, malware, data Leakage, and invasion of privacy threats.

84% discount at the end of the year and 2 months of free use

At the end of the year, Surfshark VPN has launched a super discount. Now if you choose a 2-year plan, you can enjoy an 84% discount, and you will get 2 months of free use, except that it only costs HK$15.95 per month (calculated at the exchange rate at the time of writing), you can It is said to be a very noteworthy VPN discount of the year. New users can get a 30-day unconditional refund guarantee. If you feel that the VPN is not easy to use, you can terminate the service at any time. Users can rest assured to try the speed of Surfshark VPN and the convenience of various device operations.

To know more details about the discount plan, please go to the official website: (click here)

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