June 4, 2023
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Supply increased, PS5 global sales soared to a record high last quarter, Sony raised its annual target | TechNews Technology New Report

With the increase in supply, global sales of Sony PS5 game consoles soared by 80% in the last quarter (October-December 2022), setting a new record in sales history. This year (April 2022-March 2023) PS5 sales target adjustment Up 1 million units to 19 million units. Sony also revised up its profit forecast for this year, boosting ADR soaring.

The US-listed Sony ADR soared 4.72% on the 2nd to close at $93.78, setting a new closing high for eight months (since June 2, 2022).

Sony released a financial report press release after the Japanese stock market on the 2nd, pointing out that due to the increase in supply, the global sales of PS5 game consoles in the last quarter (October-December 2022) reached 7.1 million units, a surge compared to the same period last year (3.9 million units) 82%, the quarterly sales volume hit a record high since it was launched in November 2020.

Sony pointed out that during the first three quarters of this year (April-December 2022), the global sales of PS5 reached 12.8 million units. The number of 18 million units was raised by 1 million to 19 million. As of the end of December 2022, the cumulative global sales of PS5 will exceed 32 million units.

Sony PS5’s new virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display “PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2)” will go on sale on February 22.

Jim Rya, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), a subsidiary of Sony Games, said at CES on January 5 that by the end of 2022, the shortage of PS5 supply has improved, and global sales in December 2022 will hit a record high in a single month. Records, and it is estimated that the out-of-stock status will be lifted in the future. “In the future, it should be easier to buy PS5 in retail outlets around the world.”

Sony raises annual profit forecast

Sony pointed out on the 2nd that due to the expected increase in the profit of the game machine & network service business (G&NS business = game machine business), the consolidated profit target for this year has been revised up from the original estimate of 1.16 trillion yen to 1. Trillion 180 billion yen, the consolidated net profit target was revised up from the original estimate of 840 billion yen to 870 billion yen, but due to the “image and sensing solutions business (I&SS business = semiconductor business; including CMOS image sensors, camera modules and other products)” and other business sales may be inferior, so the consolidated revenue target was revised down from 11.6 trillion yen to 11.5 trillion yen.

Sony’s above-mentioned revised profit and net profit targets are roughly in line with market estimates of 1,178.2 billion yen and 865.4 billion yen.

Sonypointed outaffected by the exchange rate, this year’s game machine business profit target was revised up from the original estimate of 225 billion yen to 240 billion yen, and the revenue target remained unchanged at 3.63 trillion yen; Sales are likely to be weak. Sony has revised down its revenue target for the semiconductor business this year from the original estimate of 1.44 trillion yen to 1.42 trillion yen, while maintaining its profit target at 220 billion yen.2023 02 03 085637


Sony’s revised financial forecast above is a trial value based on the assumption that 1 US dollar is 134 yen (previously 140 yen) and 1 euro is 139 yen (138 yen).

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