June 9, 2023
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Successfully Protecting Victims From Harassment, AirTag Security Features Work | TechNews Technology New Report

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After Apple launched the item tracker AirTag last year, it caused a lot of discussion. Many people think that this product can help them find lost items, but some people worry that AirTag will become a harassment tool for perpetrators, and Apple is also constantly To revise the security function of AirTag, it is hoped that the function of AirTag will be locked in item tracking, not tracking others. But even with security features, worried people are still worried that no matter what Apple does, it will not be able to protect victims from being tracked by those who want to. But now there is an example in foreign countries, proving that the security function of AirTag can play its role.

According to the “Keloland” report, a 63-year-old man, Carl Steven Shawver, tried to use the AirTag three times to track the victim, but ultimately failed because of the security features on the AirTag.

According to the report, Shawver first placed an AirTag on the spare tire of the victim’s car, which he claimed was done because he believed the victim was having an affair. It was only because of the security feature on the AirTag that his ruse was seen through, and the victim’s mobile phone received an alert from an unfamiliar AirTag, so the victim went to the Iowa police station to report the crime. When Shawver found that the AirTag was located in the police station, he also went to the police station to find the victim.

However, when Shawver’s first stalking behavior was discovered, the police did not arrest him; it was only a short time before the victim received the AirTag security alert again, showing that another AirTag was following him. The police later found the AirTag, which was placed in a wallet, and the wallet was wrapped in a plastic sandwich bag and placed on the spare tire.

Not only that, but the victim later received a third AirTag alert. The victim drove the car to a car repair shop to ask someone to help search for the AirTag; the report alleged that Shawver was very “creative” and he put the third AirTag Put it on the subframe of the car near the front wheel, and the AirTag is wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in a plastic box.

As the three AirTags were placed in the police station as evidence, Shawver reappeared in the police station following the position of the AirTag.

According to court records, Shawver claimed to have a married relationship with the victim, but investigations showed that the two had never had any relationship, and the victim had already blacklisted Shawver, preventing Shawver from calling or sending text messages to the victim .

This incident shows that Apple’s security features for AirTag play a role. In this example, the security feature on AirTag (issue a warning for being tracked) played a role three times.

(Source of the first picture: Science and Technology News)

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