June 7, 2023
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Storage Monthly Issue No. 77: Understand the appearance of cloud backup from the perspective of application architecture

The cloud has become an IT environment commonly used by enterprises, and various enterprise IT applications are gradually integrated with the cloud environment, including backup. As the public cloud plays an increasingly important role in enterprise IT applications, cloud backup has also become an indispensable link in enterprise IT maintenance and operation, which has led to changes in the ecology of enterprise backup application products, making cloud backup an important part of enterprise backup applications. , an area that has received the most attention recently. In the cover story of the last issue “Public Cloud Native Backup Service”, we introduced an application type of cloud backup – the backup of public cloud workloads, and the public cloud native backup service specifically for this type of application, and reviewed it. 2 typical products – AWS Backup, and Azure Backup. However, the backup of public cloud workloads and the native backup service of public cloud are just one application type of cloud backup application.

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