June 7, 2023

Stimulate new kinetic energy to win the new track The 2nd SAIC Zero Beam SOA Platform Developer Conference Unveiled

  • SAIC and Horizon jointly released a smart driving solution based on the Journey®5 chip.
  • Feifan Motors released the “Double Hundred Plan”will join hands with 100+ co-creation partners to release 100+ characteristic co-creation ecological products;“Feifan R7 Digital Car Co-Creator Competition”invites co-creators from the whole industry to build a new ecosystem of digital cars and share new achievements of digital cars.
  • Zero Beam Galaxy® Smart Car Operating System ZOS Releasedto achieve “soft and hard collaboration” with domestic chips, standard unified interface to achieve “soft and soft decoupling”, and provide a unified development platform for cross-domain integration.
  • Zero Beam Galaxy® Intelligent Driving Computing Platform ZPD Releasedhardware localization, large computing power, scalability, and high security.
  • Zero Beam Galaxy® Smart Cabin Computing Platform ZCM Releasedto create an intelligent, personalized, full-scenario digital extreme experience;The industry’s first “SOA digital mall” will be launched soonto truly realize the “buy, sell, and subscribe” automotive application software.
  • Zero Beam Galaxy® Cabin-Driven Fusion Computing Platform ZXD Releasedthe super brain of smart cars, which will be mass-produced in 2025.

(November 4, 2022, Shanghai) Today, the 2nd SAIC Zero Beam SOA Platform Developers Conference was officially launched, and it was held in Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom, OPPO, ZTE, Horizon, With the full support of many ecological partners such as Momenta, iFLYTEK, Xintai Technology, and Xinchi Technology, “developers” from all walks of life gathered together to imagine the infinite possibilities of the new era of smart cars.

At the first SOA Platform Developers Conference last year, the industry’s first zero-beam “Galaxy” smart car full-stack solution made its debut in the industry, which connects automotive hardware, software, and data. Create a win-win situation, open up with multiple ecological partners “Scenarios create value, data determines experience, software defines cars”A new era of smart cars. Since the beginning of this year, SAIC has continued to work with its ecological partners to steadily move forward on the new track of electric intelligent network connection.Preliminary construction of “157X” innovative technology systemincluding the reorganization and establishment of the “Innovation Research and Development Institute”, strengthening the “five digital capabilities” of software, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and network security, and launching a vehicle platform including three technical routes of pure electric, hybrid, and fuel cells. The “seven major technology bases” including the four key systems of power battery, powertrain, electric drive system and software architecture, as well as the “innovative technology ecosystem” that brings together many leading companies in the industry and outside the industry, further consolidate the core competitiveness, Continue to empower the creation of smarter products and services.New species of smart cars achieve mass production and launchZhiji L7 and Feifan R7, which are equipped with Zero Beam’s “Galaxy” full-stack solution and SOA software platform, have been delivered to users in batches, and blockbuster new products will be launched during the year.The industry’s first ecological domain of “vehicle-machine cross-end integration”a key step in the interconnection and ecological integration of “vehicles and everything”.

“Electric + Intelligent + Ecology”, “full speed forward” to the new era of smart cars

At present, green and low-carbon development has become a global consensus, digital technology innovation is in the ascendant, and the automobile industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. In the past two years, under the comprehensive effect of national policies, corporate innovation and user recognition, my country’s new energy vehicles have achieved “rapid development” and are heading for a new era of “electric + intelligent + ecological” higher-level intelligent vehicles “at full speed” “. On the new track, Chinese car companies are completing the role transition from “following” to “running side by side” and then “leading”. SAIC is also making continuous efforts to explore the new era of smart cars. “Scenarios create value, data determines experience, and software defines The realization path of the car.

iterative evolutionThe biggest feature of smart cars different from traditional cars is that they have the ability to “self-learn and grow”, which is inseparable from the support of software and hardware.in terms of hardwareSAIC gave full play to its leading role and strived to play the role of “chain leader”. In the fields of automotive-grade chips and domain controllers, SAIC has carried out extensive and in-depth strategic cooperation with partners such as Horizon.on the software sideSAIC will launch a new large computing power computing platform and a self-developed operating system on the basis of the zero beam “Galaxy” full stack 1.0, to create a “smart brain” with stronger performance, and data-driven, Continuously iteratively upgrades functions such as “smart driving and smart cabin” to provide users with a safer, more convenient and more pleasant experience.

Integrate and open, as a new species, smart car will become a super mobile terminal that connects all things. SAIC and OPPO have pioneered the concept of “ecological domain” in the industry.on the one handtook the lead in realizing the cross-border integration of mobile phone ecology and automobile, launched 30 functions under the application scenario of “car and mobile phone”, and will continue to expand to IoT fields such as smart wear, smart home, and smart office, realizing the cross-border development of smart technology. The world transition meets the needs of users for “continuous scenarios and multi-terminal collaboration”.on the other hand, SAIC will adhere to the concept of “open cooperation”, break through the interaction barriers between different brands of hardware, operating systems and products, and build a widely compatible underlying protocol in the ecological domain. At this developer conference, SAIC and OPPO jointly released the “Ecological Domain White Paper” to jointly build a “customizable service, multi-terminal and brand compatible” smart car by opening technical standards and development resources to the entire industry. Ecosphere.

Create and share together, Compared with consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, the application scenarios of automobiles are much richer, which is more fun and challenging for developers. With the launch of complete vehicle products such as Zhiji and Feifan, the whole link of “development-testing-release-purchase and activation” of the smart car application software has been opened, and the SOA digital mall will also be launched soon. Buy, sell, and subscribe”, and then achieve a business closed loop from “technological innovation – commercial realization – value return”. SAIC will work with developers to establish and promote the continuous improvement of the “co-creation and sharing” business model. At this conference,Feifan Motors officially released the “Double Hundred Plan”will join hands with 100+ co-creation partners to jointly complete the release of 100+ Feifan characteristic co-creation ecological products, giving Feifan infinite evolutionary potential and imagination space; at the same time, Feifan will be the first time to orient the R7 smart car atomization capability to the industry. Open, based on Feifan R7’s powerful “evolvable, definable, frequently used and often new” capabilities, Feifan Motors, Feifan Digital Intelligence Co-creation Center, Feifan Design Co-creation Center, and top universities in the country jointly launched an industry-wide initiative.“My Feifan, I Define” Feifan R7 Digital Car Co-Creator Competition. The first co-creator competition is open to co-creation on the theme of high-sensitivity digital cockpit user experience – “smart scene” and “cockpit wallpaper”, recruiting co-creators for the entire industry, and jointly building a new digital car ecosystem with Feifan Motors, sharing digital New achievements in the car.

Zhiji Auto further extends the full-link mode of SOA co-creation and sharing to the form innovation and value experience of user travel. Through the innovative data rights medium – “original stone”, Zhiji Auto is the first and only company in the AI ​​era that can truly return the “contribution of travel data-driven product co-creation and technological evolution” to users. At this conference,Zhiji Auto announced that it will officially open the “Rough Stone Exchange” on November 10, users will use the accumulated data rights – “original stone” to exchange for various technological trendy products, limited services and travel experience. Combined with the constantly enriched application software and digital mall of SOA, Zhiji Auto and users are constantly unlocking new ways of playing and new ecology of travel. For example, combined with the user travel social new play – IM GO! Smart users and friends explore the city boundaries together and arrive at MOVING ART, the most beautiful highway, CITYLIFE, TECH DAY and more novel destinations; in the imaginative link experience, they continue to harvest “raw stone” surprises and broaden the breadth of travel. Among them, in the “Shock 800W Kilometer” campaign in October alone, the total mileage of participating users reached nearly 3.5 million kilometers within half a month. The travel data generated by more users’ travel is not only accelerating the evolution of Zhiji products, but also allowing users to accumulate more original stones, first of all to enjoy the wonderful travel experience and “stone”.

Aiming at terminal platform, development environment, application community, SOA developer platform “ecological evolution”

In the process of ecological integration and partnership development, the SOA developer platform plays an extremely important aggregation role. SAIC is actively targeting the three core elements of terminal platform, development environment and application community to continuously accelerate the ecological construction of smart cars.

Terminal platform, just as mobile phone application development is inseparable from mobile phone products, with the terminal platform of smart cars, the ecology of SOA development will have application carriers and iterative development. This year, SAIC launched the Zhiji L7 and Feifan R7 equipped with the zero-beam “Galaxy” full-stack solution. These two electric intelligent connected vehicle products have been able to achieve SOA application functions. At the same time, SAIC and OPPO launched the “Ecological Domain”, which pushes the SOA design concept to the world of the Internet of Things. Through the deeply integrated SOA system framework, developers can develop multi-terminal deployments at one time, and realize the integration of intelligent terminals and ecological domain capabilities. Boundary fusion.

development environment, in 2021, the SOA developer platform has built two developer tools for scene development and light application development; based on Zhiji L7 project and Feifan R7 project, developers can already use scene development tools to complete the production of internal intelligent scenes; SOA developer platform A visual simulator is also provided for scene development and light application development and debugging. In 2022, the SOA developer platform will optimize the framework of light application development tools, and support light application development through API (application programming interface) of vehicle SOA service capabilities. Currently, more than 180 services of more than 40 services have been opened on mass-produced models. A development interface; the remote laboratory is optimized to support light applications to complete verification and debugging more efficiently; by summarizing and accumulating experience, the SOA developer platform is still iterating on a more friendly development environment interface. In the future, the SOA developer platform will combine the new models launched by Zhiji and Feifan to provide developers with more available “high-level service capabilities” including high security levels such as power domain and intelligent driving domain. It brings a richer smart car experience.

developer community, Up to now, more than 5,000 developers have registered on the developer platform, and more than 800 scenarios and light application products have been initially developed. In July this year, the initial construction of the Zero Beam SOA digital mall was completed. Next year, users will be able to obtain access to smart scenes, themed skins, and games on the mass-produced models equipped with the Zero Beam “Galaxy” full-stack solution through the mobile phone or car machine digital mall. High-quality and safe digital products and services, including applications, sound effects, music, intelligent driving, and intelligent cockpits, realize the closed-loop SOA design concept of thousands of people.

The new species “Ecological Domain” of the Internet of Things, the first to open the “ecological integration” of vehicles and machines

At this conference, SAIC and OPPO jointly released the “Ecological Domain White Paper” to jointly build a smart car ecosystem with “customizable services, multi-terminal access, and brand compatibility” by opening up technical standards and development resources to the entire industry. SAIC and OPPO are the first to create a new species “ecological domain” in the IoT world, and introduce it into the vehicle’s electronic architecture in the form of a “domain controller”. Through software-defined means, they are the first to open the “ecological integration” of smart cars and smartphones. . The widely compatible “ecological domain” can realize the discovery and connection between different terminals, support the establishment and expansion of the ecosystem from data transmission, software and hardware framework, standard establishment and other aspects, and open up the communication between different hardware, operating systems and modules. Interaction barriers. Based on the largest mobile IoT platform-smart car, based on advanced vehicle electronic architecture and service-oriented software platform, “Ecological Domain” will help IoT devices such as smartphones to access the smart car ecosystem in the form of “domain”. Open up a series of scenarios such as home, travel, and office, and create a new experience for users that is continuous, complete, service-friendly, open and flexible.

With the support of the “ecological domain”, smart cars and smartphones can truly realize sensorless connection, resource sharing, and data exchange. For example, input through the mobile phone touch screen and microphone, and output through the car screen and speakers, the scene application can achieve seamless cross-end flow, including the user’s data, files, and usage habits can also be synchronized together to meet the continuous and multi-end collaboration of the scene. meet the needs of users, and enjoy a new experience of smart travel with open and flexible services. In addition, the circulation of applications in the ecological domain can automatically adapt to the corresponding sizes of the central control screen, the co-pilot screen and the rear screen, deeply integrating the rich application ecology of the mobile phone with the smart cockpit, bringing users the most comfortable and intimate driving experience. For developers, the ecological domain supports one-time development and multi-terminal deployment, realizes the inter-adjustment of capabilities between mobile phones and vehicles, and the coordination of application service distribution. It also allows developers to freely promote and share applications, and obtain through subscription, authorization, value-added services, etc. revenue, greatly improving development efficiency.

Self-developed smart car operating system, “highly soft and hard synergy” with domestic chips

At this conference, SAIC Zero Bunch was officially released“Galaxy” Smart Car Full Stack Solution 3.0,includeZero Beam Galaxy® Smart Car Operating System ZOS, Zero Beam Galaxy® Smart Driving Computing Platform ZPD, Zero Beam Galaxy® Smart Cabin Computing Platform ZCM, Zero Beam Galaxy® Cabin-Drive Fusion Computing Platform ZXD. The full-stack 3.0 oriented towards 2025 will realize advanced central computing and regional control, and will be equipped with a high-performance supercomputing platform integrating cabin and driving. Users bring people-vehicle-environment full-scene integrated intelligent experience without separation.

While insisting on in-depth self-developed smart car operating systems and actively participating in standard formulation, SAIC embraces open source with an open mind, joins open source organizations, is compatible with open source algorithms and application ecology, and builds a basic software ecosystem together with the industry.Zero Beam Galaxy® Smart Car Operating System ZOS“Down” can cooperate with domestic chips to achieve “soft and hard collaboration”, “Up” provides a standard unified interface, realizes “soft-soft decoupling”, and provides users with a unified development platform for cross-domain integration.

ZOS complies with the highest functional safety levels of ISO 26262 and ASIL D, and also meets the requirements of ISO 21434 for network security. It deploys a high-security, high-reliability, and high-real-time Safety RTOS operating system for real-time cores, and deploys a hypervisor virtualization solution for computing power A cores , isolate different security requirements and provide higher security solutions. ZOS combines the self-developed AUTOSAR AP (Adaptive Platform) to build the core middleware of the operating system, and realizes deterministic communication and deterministic scheduling within the chip, between chips, and between domains through the unified ASF (Full Vehicle Service Framework Specification) interface. Type operating system advantages, to meet the isolation, real-time, security and other operating system requirements. ZOS widely supports the deployment of multiple development environments such as X86 and ARM, which solves the pain point of traditional migration from power control machines to embedded algorithms, and improves the iterative efficiency of application software; it widely supports algorithm ecology (ROS2), supports flexible deployment of operators, data Real-time visualization of recording and playback greatly improves the efficiency of algorithm development.

Autonomous intelligent driving computing platform, localized, large computing power, scalable, cost-effective optimal solution

Zero Beam Galaxy® Intelligent Driving Computing Platform ZPD,The technical level is industry-leading.Large hardware computing power, scalability and high securityZPD combines product definition, micro-architecture design, software-hardware collaborative high-energy-efficiency development in combination with the exclusive scenarios of smart cars, with flexible scalability and an open ecosystem, giving full play to the advantages of domestic large computing power chips to meet functional safety and information security. requirements to achieve the highest functional safety ASIL D level.Leading algorithm technologyZPD adopts the industry-leading new-generation BEV perception algorithm, mainly visual sensors, and integrates multi-sensors such as millimeter wave and lidar, combined with map positioning, decision-making and planning and control algorithms to create a super “brain” of smart cars; the algorithm relies on the zero beam cloud The closed-loop data at the pipe end breaks through the limitation of “single-point learning” of data, realizes a global closed-loop data workshop, supports the closed-loop iteration of the whole process data, and greatly improves the iteration speed of complex scenarios.Open Smart Driving Middleware Platformto achieve software and hardware decoupling with the application layer, and to achieve software and hardware integration with the chip, to create an industry-leading, fully open, service-oriented, middleware platform that satisfies the integrated intelligent driving experience, and supports customer differentiated development and third-party algorithm applications.cost-effective solutionas a cross-domain project integrating “large computing power chips, hardware computing platforms, software architecture, data and algorithms”, ZPD, which integrates vertical cloud-pipe-terminal and horizontal cross-domain integration, provides the best cost-effective solution, and can be flexibly based on model bandwidth configuration.

Self-developed smart cabin computing platform to build the first SOA digital mall in the automotive industry

Zero Beam Galaxy® Smart Cabin Computing Platform ZCM, relying on the four major technologies of “electronic architecture, computing platform, software platform and intelligent cloud platform” cloud-pipe-terminal integration, integrating the wisdom genes of self-learning, self-growth, and self-evolution, providing users with a car from inside to outside the car, from On-premises to cloud full-scenario digital experiences. Based on the virtualization technology in the vehicle field, ZCM has a built-in cloud-pipe-terminal integrated SOA software platform, which realizes the standardized, real-time, and cross-terminal invocation of the bottom interface by the upper-layer application of the smart cabin. Through the interface capabilities of the middleware and the reasonable distribution of hardware computing power, ZCM integrates many traditional peripheral functions such as HUD (head-up display device), AVM (panoramic imaging system), DVR (driving recorder), streaming media rearview mirror and so on. To the smart cabin, functional integration is realized.On this basis, SAIC Motor has built aThe first SOA digital mall in the automotive industrysuccessfully realized the full link of smart car application development-testing-review-release-purchase and activation, bringing users a more intelligent and personalized ultimate cockpit experience.

Cabin-Drive Fusion Experiencethe perception data provided by the high-end intelligent driving system is converted into high-precision, strong real-time environment rendering display, supporting the display of lane-level 3D high-precision human-machine co-driving maps in any scene, realizing the driving experience of people, vehicles and the environment, enhancing the Trust between people and vehicles.Silky and intuitive interactive experienceZCM designed for in-vehicle application environment with exception handling, cold start-up, multi-task management and scheduling mechanism, making the application more smooth to use; the unique intuitive interaction design fully integrates the driver’s cockpit interaction habits and consumption With the habits of using electronic products, users can get a silky experience with zero learning cost.

also,ZCM also introduced “ecological domain” technology, through the broad compatibility of the underlying protocols, to realize the discovery and connection of IoT devices such as smartphones, support the establishment and expansion of the ecosystem from data transmission, software and hardware frameworks, and standard establishment, and optimize the integration experience between vehicles and personal devices. , allowing devices of different brands and models to be freely connected, solving the current problems of fragmented software and hardware capabilities of smart cars, high cost of solution switching, and lack of cockpit ecological services. As a result, the user’s car and mobile phone can truly realize sensorless connection, resource sharing, and data exchange.

Self-developed cabin-driving fusion computing platform, the super brain of smart cars

Zero Beam Galaxy® Cabin-Drive Fusion Computing Platform ZXDwill be mass-produced in 2025.High-performance car computerintelligent cabin and intelligent driving cross-domain deep integration, efficient data throughput, super real-time computing, highly reliable security mechanism.Flexible expansion of hardware configurationthrough the combination of standardized and modular hardware, the hardware can be pluggable, the software can be subscribed, and the system function bandwidth can be expanded.Pre-installed smart car operating system,Similar to the pre-installation of windows on computers, ZXD is pre-installed with ZOS, a high-real-time, high-security and high-efficiency smart car operating system, to help customers reduce the difficulty of smart car software and algorithm development, shorten the development cycle, and create faster, updated, and more extreme experience products. .

“Accumulation of soil into mountains, accumulation of water into abyss”. The developer conference is not only an important window to showcase the latest achievements of SAIC’s technological innovation, but also a cooperation platform for cross-border exchanges and co-creation in the automotive industry, and a shining stage for developers to pursue their dreams and travel wonderfully. SAIC is willing to take this opportunity to gather superior resources, gather the joint efforts of all parties, persevere and persevere, and work with ecological partners from all walks of life to “break out” a new path of software-defined automobiles and “spell out” the high-quality development of the industry. New blueprint.



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