March 29, 2023
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Steam Deck interface will be introduced to PC version of Steam – Hong Kong

One of the well-received aspects of Valve’s Steam Deck portable game console is that its interface uses larger graphic elements to make it easier for users to see the game cover on a small screen. This design was finally publicly tested on the PC version of Steam recently, bringing a new experience to use.

The interface design called “Big Picture Mode” is different from the current relatively complex interface. The game cover and buttons have become larger. In addition to being more concise, it is also more convenient for players who use hand controls. The mode itself was launched in 2012, but it finally got a major update recently, introducing a Steam Deck interface-style design to further improve the design and usability.

To enable the new design, you can first choose to join the beta test in the Steam PC version, then update to the latest beta test version, and then in the Steam shortcut details settings, add “-gamepadui” to the path, and you can enable this after applying Beta interface. Of course, as a beta version, there are still some unfinished parts. If it is not urgent, it can wait for the official launch.



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