June 7, 2023
Steam 2022 年度回顾报告正式上线,玩家可查看全年的游戏数据

Steam 2022 Annual Review Report is officially launched, players can view the game data for the whole year- TechNave 中文版

Steam launched the 2022 review report today, players can view some of their game data in 2022.

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The Steam 2022 review page can display data such as the number of games played by players throughout 2022, the list of games with the most game time, the number of game achievements unlocked, favorite game types, game platforms, monthly game time, etc., and It is also possible to generate a collage picture of the game played by the player.

Annual reports have been on the rise in recent years. At the end of each year, the well-known streaming platform Spotify will let users share the music they have listened to in the past year, output their own annual reports by frequency, type, singer, etc., and post on social media share.

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It is reported that not long ago, SONY PS, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo all launched similar “annual summary” reports, and many players liked them very much.

Steam 2022 review page:Click here to view

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