June 6, 2023
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Standard Chartered Credit Cards Suspected to Be Collected Collectively Stolen and Misused: Can’t Get Through Customer Service, Can’t Get into the App Lock Card- Hong Kong unwire.hk

A number of netizens left messages under the anti-fraud post of Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong’s Facebook, claiming that their credit cards were stolen, and they called the real customer service many times but no one answered. Someone was busy waiting for more than 75 minutes. What’s more, they claimed to have waited for more than 2 hours. Standard Chartered responded that it is sorry that customers have to wait for such a long time, and the bank will reply to relevant persons as soon as possible.

Some users are disappointed with Standard Chartered’s security system. He claimed that his credit card was stolen, and the OTP system was not triggered for more than a dozen credit card transactions of 20 dollars, and the card was not locked as a suspicious transaction, so he was disappointed with the security system of Standard Chartered Bank.

Some netizens said that they followed the bank’s instructions and tried to suspend the credit card function through the Standard Chartered Bank application. But the app popped up an error message box, and finally couldn’t deactivate the credit card through the app.

In addition to some customers using the telephone hotline to inquire, some customers also visit the branch in person to process credit card business. He complained that he waited for the ticket at about 1:00 p.m., but he still failed to handle the relevant business by 2:45 p.m. Standard Chartered suggested that the customer can use the online ticket collection function to save some waiting time.

The owner of a stolen credit card said that he had checked at a branch of Standard Chartered, but the staff said they could not confirm whether the personal information had been leaked. There has been no official response from Standard Chartered yet. The branch staff said that at present, they can only help the affected users to send emails to the credit card department for follow-up, and call the users to verify their personal information within two days.

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source:Standard Chartered Hong Kong Facebook Page

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