March 28, 2023
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Staff withdraw from YMTC, U.S. expands China chip export controls – Hong Kong

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and service providers Applied Materials, KLA CorpLam and LRCX may begin moving employees from China’s most advanced storage facilities this week after U.S. authorities banned Chinese companies from buying advanced chip manufacturing equipment or using U.S. citizens without a license. Chip maker Yangtze Memory withdraws.

According to foreign media reports, YMTC has been included in the list of “unverifiable” companies producing chip manufacturing machines by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Although it is not clear why the three companies evacuated employees, it is speculated that the companies are due to new restrictions imposed by the Biden administration.

It is understood that Applied Materials, KLA CorpLam and LRCX have recently suspended installation support for YMTC and suspended new work installations, and have also withdrawn their employees at YMTC. These employees have critical expertise in advanced chip production facilities and factory operations, which may prevent YMTC from developing advanced technologies such as chip upgrades and repairs.

Apple has pointed out that there are no YMTC chips in its current products, but there are plans to purchase NAND memory chips from YMTC, and some iPhones using chips will be sold in China, but not outside of China. Apple also emphasized that the data stored by users on the NAND chip is fully encrypted.

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