March 25, 2023
Spotify Hi Fi 高音质方案终于要来了?提供Hi Fi音质和其他特权,月费或需19.99美元

Spotify Hi-Fi high-quality sound solution is finally coming?Hi-Fi sound quality and other perks for $19.99 a month TechNave

Spotify’s much-anticipated Hi-Fi subscription package is expected to launch soon. Spotify recently sent out a survey report to users that the Hi-Fi streaming music function will be integrated into the more expensive “Platinum” (Platinum) package, which will also come with other perks.

On Reddit, a former Spotify subscriber shared a screenshot of a survey they were recently asked to do. The questionnaire asked if they would rejoin/switch to the service based on the new package tier.

In addition to the regular free and personal options, the “Platinum” tier priced at $19.99 was mentioned in this questionnaire. This level offers Hi-Fi level music in addition to all the personal features, as well as additional features called Studio Sound, Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, Library Pro and Playlist Pro. The new plan will also offer ad-limited Spotify podcasts.

Foreign media The Verge sent a message to Reddit users who participated in the investigation, and he shared more details about the content of the investigation. The survey revealed several different versions of the Platinum Plan. In one case, it also included access to Spotify’s audiobooks, which went on sale in September.

Spotify HiFi was originally announced in February 2021, when the company claimed it would launch by the end of last year. Since then, though, Spotify has remained mum on the status of the feature, refusing to provide any substantive updates.

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