March 25, 2023
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Recently, a number of new models of computer motherboards and processors have appeared. I believe that many friends who build machines can’t help but want to assemble a new host immediately. Therefore, Hanke and MSI held the “MSI Build SP” event this time, so that friends who are preparing to assemble a new console can take away their favorite GeForce RTX 3060 and GeForce RTX 3070 with “SPECIAL PRICE” as low as 42% off series of graphics cards.

For those who are interested, just find the discount code from the specially designed MSI SUPRIM graphics card during the event period. Finally, assemble the MSI console at the designated online merchant, and then add the designated GeForce RTX 3060 and GeForce RTX 3070 series graphics cards, and enter the coupon code obtained in the above puzzle to enjoy half-price SPECIAL PRICE for graphics cards!

When assembling an MSI host, it is necessary to include 3 or more pieces of MSI hardware from different types of Hanke agents, including motherboard, chassis, fire cow, radiator, and SSD.

jigsaw puzzle display card discount price

During the event, you only need to go to the Hanke Facebook page to view the puzzle of the special post, and then put the puzzle of AP into the original picture of 1-16. Finally, in the order of 1-16, arrange the password consisting of 16 English letters, and then at the designated online merchants for the event, including Centralfield, Faroll, Future Technology, Pegasus Computer and 2000fun assembled host, when checking out, in the coupon code or remarks column Enter the above password to enjoy half-price SPECIAL PRICE discount on display cards! Moreover, there are only 1 limited number of each of the 3 graphics cards at each designated merchant. If you want to be quick to assemble your favorite combination with half-price “SPECIAL PRICE”, just remember to add other hardware to the shopping basket before the event!

The best partner of the new machine– GeForce RTX 3060andRTX 3070series graphics card

Now that the new host is assembled, of course, it is satisfactory to be equipped with GeForce RTX 3060 and GeForce RTX 3070 series graphics cards.

In terms of performance, GeForce RTX graphics cards have smooth performance in most 3A game masterpieces, and also support ray tracing capabilities, making the game screen to a higher level. With the automatic optimization function on GeForce Experience, players can automatically adjust the optimal settings according to the performance of the graphics card before the game.

Users simply select a detected game or application from the GeForce Experience homepage and press the Optimize button to apply the settings immediately. The process is automated and simple, making it convenient for mass players to gain immediate performance improvements.

geforce 3070 ti gpu gf article og 1200x630 1

DLSS Super Resolution

With the popularity of ray tracing technology and the more detailed game screen materials, new games have higher computing power on the graphics card. For e-sports players, delicate images also need to maintain a high frame rate in order to achieve the best gaming experience.

Therefore, NVIDIA has developed DLSS Super Resolution technology to enhance the operational efficiency of DLSS itself. It uses the artificial intelligence core in the graphics card to analyze the dynamic images of the previous multi-frame images, and upgrade the low-resolution images to the high-resolution images close to the original images in real time. Resolution series to improve the highest refresh rate of the picture, so that users can enjoy the delicate and smooth game picture.

geforce dlss hero 2560x580 d


In competitive games, victory or defeat is only within milliseconds, and low-latency gaming experience becomes more important for e-sports players.

When an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card is paired with a fast-response gaming monitor, players can enable Reflex low-latency mode in compatible games, greatly improving responsiveness. If paired with NVIDIA G-SYNC monitors that support NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer, and gaming mice that support NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer, you can also use the world’s unique system latency analysis tool to measure response speed, so players won’t miss any offensive opportunities.

nvidia reflex key visual ogimage

Discount display card now!

Ready to start building your new console? Then take a look at the best deals on MSI RTX graphics cards now!

GeForce RTX 3060 VENTUS 2X 16G OC

Special Offer:HK$1,599 (42% off) (Suggested retail price: HK$3,899)

3060 VENTUS 2X


Special Offer:HK$2,499 (45% off) (Suggested retail price: HK$5,599)


GeForce RTX 3070 Ti SUPRIM X 8G

Special Offer:HK$3,499 (53% off) (Suggested retail price: HK$6,599)


Event Terms and Conditions

  • Customers need to assemble a host with 3 or more different types of MSI hardware from Hanke, including motherboard, chassis, radiator, radiator, SSD, to enjoy the relevant discounts
  • Designated online merchants for the event: Centralfield, Faroll, Future Technology, Pegasus Computer, 2000fun
  • Event Period: 20-10-2022 to 18-11-2022
  • This promotion and offer is only applicable to Hong Kong region
  • Hanko Computer Corporation and designated merchants reserve the right of final decision and reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice

Enquiry: Hanke (3626 9899)

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