March 30, 2023

South Korean government’s maximum 69-hour work week met with protests from younger generations

The South Korean government announced the work system adjustment plan earlier this month for public comments. The plan raised the maximum weekly working hours for workers from 52 to 69 hours and allowed them to take long-term vacations. But the plan has faced strong opposition from the younger generation, who believe it disrupts work-life balance and could endanger health. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol ordered government agencies to reconsider. Yin Xiyue believes that it is unreasonable to allow the weekly working hours to exceed 60 hours, and instructs to improve the working hours cap adjustment plan. Yin Xiyue expressed regret that the plan did not set a proper upper limit, and instructed to improve it. Yin Xiyue emphasized that the government will listen more seriously to the opinions of workers, especially the views of vulnerable groups in the labor market such as the MZ generation, workers who have not joined labor unions, and workers in small and medium-sized enterprises, and formulate supplementary and improved plans.

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