June 7, 2023
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Sony’s new PS5 uses TSMC’s 6nm process to reduce overall power consumption

Foreign media reports, Sony model CFI-1202 new PS5 game console has beenswitch to miningThe AMD Oberon Plus chip of TSMC’s 6nm process has not changed much from the previous PS5 models, but it has a higher transistor density and reduces overall power consumption and heat generation. There is also news that Sony will launch a smaller model at the end of 2023 as soon as possible. The Blu-ray player will be detachable and provide a USB-C port for an external CD player, providing consumers with more choices.

This article will take you to know:

  • The new model is simply an optimization of the existing product, and it is estimated that Sony will launch a facelifted model in 2023
  • Setting Blu-ray Discs as an additional option can lower the starting price of the facelifter
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