May 28, 2023
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Sony helps people with disabilities play PS5 “Project Leonardo” handles without hands

According to foreign media reports, PlayStation has developed an accessible controller called “Project Leonardo” for PlayStation 5, which aims to eliminate game barriers and help disabled players play games more easily, comfortably and for longer on PS5.

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“Project Leonardo” has a round shape as a whole, with buttons and joysticks of different sizes and types inside. Players can combine and layout according to their own needs, and can customize the corresponding operations of the buttons through dedicated software.

In addition, it can be placed flat on a table or mounted on a tripod, so players do not need to hold it in their hands during use. There are also four 3.5mm AUX ports on the controller to adapt to various existing barrier-free accessories and switches, providing customized control functions for disabled players.

Sony said that the team and accessibility experts tested more than a dozen designs to find out how to use the controller effectively, and finally decided on the “split controller” solution, which allows players to freely change the left and right thumb sticks, No need to hold hands, and very flexible button replacement function.

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