June 2, 2023
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Sony expert: Japan’s chip ban on China has little effect and cannot restrain China’s chip R&D capabilities- Hong Kong unwire.hk

The British “Financial Times” reported that senior Japanese technicians believe that the US ban on Chinese chips will not be very effective. Some experts believe that it can only affect China’s purchase of chips in the short term, and cannot limit China’s research and development capabilities for chips in the long run. NEC CEO Takayuki Morita believes that China’s competitiveness cannot be ignored, and the chip embargo has little impact on the long-term development trend of China’s semiconductor industry.

Hiroaki Kitano, head of Sony’s technology, said that the U.S. sanctions on China’s chips will only temporarily affect China’s purchase of chips, but it cannot curb China’s growth momentum in the field of artificial intelligence. He also believes that the US’s export restrictions on semiconductor products and devices will not have a long-term impact on China.

NEC CEO Takayuki Morita also questioned whether the US chip ban will be effective for a long time. Morita Takayuki believes that the blockade of Chinese semiconductors may weaken China’s chip research and development capabilities in the short term and prevent the People’s Liberation Army from easily obtaining advanced semiconductors for military use. But it can only achieve short-term restrictions, and it is difficult to continue to restrict China’s semiconductor development in the long run. Morita Takayuki believes that the Chinese government is vigorously developing semiconductors, making Chinese semiconductor companies more and more competitive.

As an ally of the United States, Japanese companies are currently cooperating with the ban on chips from China. Companies including Sony have reduced chip supplies to China. People in the Japanese semiconductor industry generally believe that China will increase its investment in semiconductors, or master advanced artificial intelligence technology and quantum computing technology in 2025.

source:Financial Times

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