June 6, 2023
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Sony China’s “You Ni is more exciting” New Year’s greetings are accused of violating regulations, deleting posts and banning Weibo-Hong Kong unwire.hk

One of the ways for foreign companies to communicate with Chinese consumers is to set up an official Weibo account. Sony China has always used this channel to distribute product information and promote its brand. Bozhi’s account violated relevant laws and regulations, and decided to ban it. At the same time, netizens also discovered that a New Year’s greeting picture was also deleted, which is believed to be the key to this incident.

The New Year’s greetings picture was posted on Sony China’s Weibo account on New Year’s Day. In the center of the screen is “2023” and a number of cartoon rabbits using Sony electronic products. It is a slogan of “food character”, adding Sony’s official Chinese name “Sony” to the New Year’s greetings. Some netizens mentioned on Twitter that the above-mentioned posts were deleted, saying that the New Year greeting pictures were deleted by the Chinese government in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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It is pointed out that Sony China’s “2023, it will be more exciting with Ni” in the promotional slogan, the word “Ni” in it was interpreted by the relevant authorities as having the same ironic meaning as netizens nicknamed President Xi Jinping “Winnie the Pooh”. Since related words have become sensitive words, Sony China’s New Year’s greeting pictures are also considered to be alluding to the country’s leaders, so the post was deleted as a punishment.

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As for the banning of the account, Weibo later explained that it was caused by a photo posted by Sony China on October 12 last year. It is reported that the photo has a black dog showing its face in the red leaves, and it is accompanied by “Wait until the mountain flowers are blooming.” , She Laughing in the Cong Zhong” was published on the same day as “the 70th anniversary of the death of Qiu Shaoyun, a martyr of the Chinese Communist Party who resisted U.S. aggression and aided Korea.” The composition and form of the black dog photo were considered by Weibo to be suspected of alluding to the sacrifice of Qiu Shaoyun, so they were banned.

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