June 4, 2023
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Some M1/M2 Mac users complained about sudden Wi-Fi connection problems

macOS Ventura launched a version update at the end of October. Some MacBook users recently complained through official channels, saying that the Internet speed was slower than expected, which affected video communication and other applications. All affected by the incident were MacBook models using Apple M1 or M2 processors, and some users even said that Wi-Fi was disconnected.

Meter, which specializes in installing wireless networks for enterprises, wrote an article on the official website a few days ago to talk about the above-mentioned problems, saying that they and other wireless network providers and their customers have recently experienced similar Wi-Fi problems, and said that they have reported this to Apple. Meter said in a blog post that the problem can take many forms, but the underlying issues are the same, including traffic and speed drops, devices randomly disconnecting and not being able to reconnect to the network.

The UCLA IT department, which has been paying attention to this issue, said that macOS 13.1 is expected to fix the above-mentioned network problems, and they have been working closely with Apple engineers to test and try to solve the problem. The new version will be launched within this week. If the MacBook users with M1 or M2 processors face the network problems mentioned above, they should be completely resolved after updating the system this week.

Source of information and pictures:9to5mac

unwire.hk Mewe page: https://mewe.com/p/unwirehk

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