June 2, 2023

SolidWorks will promote CAD and PLM full cloud, not only to optimize collaborative design, but also to transform product sales, material procurement and other links

[Nashville, USA Live]Veteran 3D CAD manufacturer SolidWorks announced a major product strategy update at this year’s user conference: from July onwards, all SolidWorks CAD software licenses will include cloud services. In recent years, SolidWorks has actively integrated with the parent company Dassault Systèmes’ flagship product 3D Experience Platform, and further expanded to CAD products. In 2019, SolidWorks launched 3D Experience Works. Enterprises using SolidWorks can more easily use many applications of more than a dozen brands under Dassault Systèmes, including PLM, ERP, simulation tools, collaboration tools, etc. SolidWorks will take advantage of the advantages of the parent company group to expand the scope of services from industrial design to simulation, management, data and other fields.

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