June 7, 2023
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Solar cars are here!The world’s first solar car is officially mass-produced: the price is about RM 1,155,373, and it can replenish 70km of battery life every day- TechNave 中文版

Lightyear, a Finnish solar electric vehicle start-up company, recently stated that the company has begun to produce solar electric vehicles. This is the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle that directly uses sunlight to generate electricity!

The model “Lightyear 0”The price tag is 250,000 Euros (approximately RM 1,155,373), currently only available in Europe, has received around 150 pre-orders. The official has not yet announced the launch plan of the car in other countries.


The Lightyear CEO said that about 1,000 Lightyear 0s are planned to be produced at the Valmet Automotive Oyj car plant in Finland. It will start at the rate of producing one vehicle per week, and gradually increase to five vehicles per week in the second half of next year.

It is reported that Lightyear 0 is not a car completely powered by solar energy. Solar energy is regarded as auxiliary charging.The vehicle has a built-in 60kWh battery pack, and the pure electric cruising range is about 625km.

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The roof, hood and other parts are equipped with solar panels,As long as the car is exposed to sunlight, it can charge itself. In a sunny climate, it can provide a cruising range of about 70km per day.

For car owners with shorter travel distances, Lightyear 0 can realize free travel, and those who commute about 35km a day can drive Lightyear 0 for two consecutive months in the Dutch summer without charging; at the same time, solar energy can provide Lightyear 0 with about The cruising range of 6000km to 11000km.


In addition, since not everyone can afford an electric car of about RM, Lightyear said that the company is already developing a more affordable model – Lightyear 2, which is expected to be launched in 2025, and the price is expected to start from 3 From US$10,000 (approximately RM 138,645).

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