March 27, 2023

smartphone without screen

Many people spend hours staring at their phone screens every day. How to reduce screen time? What if a smartphone doesn’t have a screen?A company called MyManuAre peddling screenless smartphone concepts.its Titan The device is an eSim-enabled voice-controlled earbud with a pre-installed real-time translation app MyJuno that supports translation in over 30+ languages. According to MyManu, the Titan can make calls, send messages, listen to music and other streaming content, and has all the phone functions of a smartphone, eliminating the time spent on apps, games and social media. MyManu says the advantages of the Titan are that interacting with the phone does not require constant screen glare, sleeps better, reduces eye strain and headaches, and reduces anxiety because there is no screen and no exposure to bacteria or viruses.

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