March 29, 2023
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Smart Healthcare in the Hometown of Driftwood

Every Wednesday to Friday morning, there is always a doctor in this small clinic at the foot of the holy mountain of the Amis ethnic group in Taitung, either at the patient’s home or on the way to the patient’s home. This is the hometown of driftwood on Taitung Coast Highway, Dulan Village. The Dulan Clinic in the village is near the old sugar factory park. It looks like an ordinary three-story house, which is inconspicuous at all. However, it is an important experimental base for the new model of Taiwan’s smart medical care. Since its establishment in 2017, Dulan Clinic has been promoting in-home medical care, bringing medical services to people’s homes or community bases. Relying on an extended van, the service range has covered Donghe Township and Changbin Township in Taitung City. The area of ​​the entire Taipei City is even larger.

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