June 6, 2023
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Ski resort receives 71 “crash” false alarms a week, Apple’s car accident detection is frequently wrong

The Ohio 911 Center said it had received 71 reports of “car accidents” at ski resorts last week, and it turned out that the iPhone 14 was related to the car accident detection that Apple Watch launched this year. Because this function is too sensitive, when the device detects a suspected car accident, it will automatically call the police.

A few days ago, foreign media reported that the Summit County 911 Center in Ohio, USA found that the number of calls from skiers to the police had increased, and many of them were false reports. Last week, 71 false alarm calls were received from 4 ski resorts, and these false alarm calls were all from iPhone14 and Apple Watch. 911 said that because the “car accident detection” function falsely reported, it may lead to the occupation of emergency resources and delay the rescue operations of those who really need it.

In October, there were already reports that Apple’s “Car Crash Detection” feature was causing false positives. At that time, when many people were riding the roller coaster, they were detected by the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch as a car accident, and they automatically called the police for help. At that time, the 911 center was dissatisfied.

Later, although Apple said in the iOS 16.1.2 update that it has improved the over-sensitivity of car accident detection on iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2 and Ultra. However, it is still recommended that users consider turning off the “car accident detection” function when they are doing outdoor activities.


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