March 25, 2023

Single dog gamers can only envy, jealous, and hate, and players get engaged and get PlayStation Platinum Trophy to congratulate them – TechNave

An engaged couple abroad recently received official congratulations from PlayStation; the two shared their experiences online, and while the response was mixed, many seemed amused by the company’s proactive approach.

According to the user, my fiancee and I sent a bunch of engagement notices to companies including SONY, and we all got replies, including one from PlayStation in their mailbox.

The reply from SONY included a card with an image of the PlayStation trophy, as well as the PlayStation logo and tagline at the bottom of the card; the card read “Congratulations” and “Thank you for sharing your achievements with us”, it seems the young couple Unlocks an achievement trophy that can’t be obtained by a single dog.

Although there is no signature on the card, the couple is still very happy, which is undoubtedly a very beautiful gift of blessing. After sharing the joy of their engagement, the couple received congratulations from many people and expressed their happiness and impression that SONY would respond to the blessing in this way.

Others also shared their past experiences of contacting game companies. These companies sometimes reply by email or give small gifts directly. You may try it yourself, maybe a company you like will also give you one. What about a surprise gift?

what is PlayStation Trophy

ps trophies

Players can earn trophies by completing objectives such as leveling up, finding collectibles, or completing certain quests. Keep collecting precious trophies, improve your trophy level, and stand out from the competition.

Trophy levels support 31.03.2021Prestige levels are determined by how many players have earned the same trophy. Trophies are divided into four levels of Prestige: Extremely Precious, Very Precious, Precious, and Fair.

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