March 27, 2023
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Shopee announced: From October 17th, SPayLater postpaid feature will charge 1.5% monthly fee! – Urban Tech Story

In addition to canceling Shopee’s Withdrawal function, Shopee now announces,From October 17thwill be charged for its SPayLater service1.5% of the total purchase price as a handling fee

The SPayLater feature allows users to purchase products first and then pay for the next month. It is worth noting that users can also make instalments ranging from 1 to 6 months through the SPayLater postpay function.That is to say, if you buy more expensive products on Shopee, users can repay the account by instalments

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Previously, SPayLater did not charge any handling fees, and users who paid for the next month did not need to pay handling fees. Now Shopee will start charging a 1.5% handling fee on SPayLater, and the amount users need to pay will increase accordingly. It is worth noting that the 1.5% is not a one-off, but will be charged on a monthly basis. This means that 1.5% of the amount will be levied each month on subsequent monthly instalments.

With more months of instalment payments, the higher the handling fee. Therefore, friends who often use this service should pay more attention.For more details go toShopee official websiteCheck.For more technical information, please continue to holdUrban Tech Story Edition

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